Recently I was looking around at the old forum and I found out that the suggestion about adding submarines into the game had been passed for consideration at February 2013(Submarines ? - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum) .And since then more than a decade has passed. While submarines are still nowhere to be found except in few events. I’m quite concerned about the future of submarines.


They were added to the mobile version. Plus we had that somewhat recent april fools event for them.

I dont think they have figured out how to add them to the game in a way where they will be useful but not over powered.

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WW2 and earlier Submarines will probably be hard to implement, by virtue of they take so much damn time to get anywhere, and submerged, likewise. They’re also technically limited on how long they can spend underwater, albeit that that probably wouldn’t be an issue for several hours irl.

An awful idea for the game as it exists.

Also there are already threads about it.

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I love submarines,
Sadly they won’t implement them without re-making the game.
I don’t see that happening anytime soon :(