SU27SM radar the worst radar in 13.0

it is not possible to narrow the radar search zone
you can’t lock on a target because it freezes in acm mode
too notchable in closer ranges

where is the document that contains the things that prove that it is working correctly?
btw su27sm radar almost same to mig29smt radar


its not my guy the SMs Radar is a upgraded base Su27 radar while the SMTs radar is a completely new radar set


Well the J11A still got N001 rather than N001VE, so it isn’t, J11A has same radar as normal J11/Su27.


almost same scan zone * but the sm radar almost same than stanard su27 radar in the game… and almost blind and the hmd lock 10km? xD where is the dokument what said the russian hmd lock just only 10km? somebody from gaijin staff send me the dokument pls

In fact, J11A’s radar is the worst radar in 13.0. It’s literally just another Su27 with MAWS and R77, while Su27SM still has some little improvement.
Anyway, I won’t suggest anyone play these 2 jets for now. If you want to play flanker and have good experience, you have to wait for other upgrade versions.

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J11A worst,not su27sm

same shít this is clearly nerf to opfor planes


i agree ,
so then cry for R27EA?
N001VE+R77-1 still so much worse than APG63v1+AIM120B

Well they will have to do more since they can’t provide evidence for N001 being able to fire R77, but this is the case for J11A and it has just the worst radar at 13.0.

the radar the shit not a missle… omg… everytime you try lock any plane the radar cant lock that or instantly lost the lock the radar scan size not vatiable (bllsht joke crigne think) and you wait until the next radar ping maybe this time 10-15sec and you try again that… again lost the lock or the radar cant see anythink… oh you are dead by any another plane who have normal radar


That because IRL the SM radar is the base Su27s radar but upgraded

Having similar scan zones don’t make it the same radar

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okey but the biggest problem with the su27sm the fix radar scan zone or the poor radar power. my video in progress with this issue

Wrong… u still have the baz meshupar with apg-63PoopooSP that only lets u shot 1 aim120a at time and missing HMD and TWS cuz RAM mode is dogopoo as we know .

don’t worry Gaijin will fix the 27sm that’s for sure.

There is nothing to fix it is performing as it should

N001VEP is broken. Will we have a fix next week?

I also suggest, since it is too much when we change radar modes during air combat. That an update comes that allows controlling each radar mode independently. For example: assigning a key to each radar mode (SRC PD HDN, TWS HDN, SRC PD, TWS). This way we could change the radar mode more accurately.

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