Su27 radar issue

Now i describe a issue i found in new update.As we can see,something goes wrong with su27’s radar for days when new update.When you use the HMD PD mode to lock on rarget planes,the radar locks on chaff or missiles .By the way,SRC PD and TWS mode have same issue.And easy to see that su27 radar data is moved from mig29.The issue above had been a test.So we require to repair it,or 4 r27er missiles gets no chances to be in a good use.By the way,i heard that other new planes have same radar problem in new data.


This is chaff doing what it’s supposed to do.

I have desribed that the job of chaff u mentioned only occurs to Su27 radar.Mig29(includes 29smt) have no such a issue.So it’s job chaff should to do?Of course not,we have fighting in 11.3 and higher BR for a long,soI trust u must meet the same problem.If u think so,it comes to be not normal for these planes whose radar never lock on chaff.Interference is the work chaff do instead of leading radar to lock it on.

Or just to make the problem sample,have u ever got the issue i say?

all radars are locking chaff in certain circumstances now, its not just Su-27

I haven’t because I haven’t played at that BR in a while. Chaff can indeed mess with radar locks and radars totally can lock onto missiles. That means you really can shoot down someone’s ATGM. War Thunder players are just now discovering what those of us who have played other flight simulators already know.

Just wait until Gaijin adds ECM pods.

So we can know this a bug we should to ask Gajiin to deal with,it makes terrible game expierence.I n certain way it have made 11.3+ BR players always fly by ground.Now radar missle is hard to see.The bug is destorying Aircraft fighting!

No,how could Doppler mode lock on chaff?It is not possible

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It does happen. Pulse doppler radars aren’t magic. I mean they’re good, but they aren’t AESA radars.