SU25k vs A-10 early

Thinking of starting a new nation, and as a German main I’ve been envious of these planes since we don’t really have anything like them. However I will say the last patch was VERY generous towards gemrmany giving us a ton of options at 10.0 and 10.3 which were previously dead planes for GRB (Su22, F104, F4F etc.).

I’d buy both, but I want to focus on 1 nation at a time. I’ve test flown and watched a lot about these and im leaning towards the SU25 right now, but I think the A-10 is cooler, just might be miserable to fly in both game modes.

From what I understand the SU25 is a much better air to air platform, notoriously tanky, much faster, but lacks the optics and guided munitions of the A-10 namely the maverick. However it’s dumb ordinance like the S25kO? are much better. Aim 9L vs R60m seems to lean towards 9L historically, but recently that gap seems to be closing?

The problem I have is I know that on paper is one thing, and reality is another. SU25k plays on russian teams at 10.0. What this means is that the SU25k does no deal with


Which are some of the most potent anti air at that BR, while the IFVs listed are not great against super sonic jets, the slow flying A-10 seems like it would be absolute food for them. While the PUMA just got similar capabilities to the 2S38 in the anti air department this patch, because it’s a non premium TT vehicle you are much less likely to run into one. Not to mention 10.0 germany is an event lineup mostly, and vilkas exists at 10.3.

I know that the su25 is the much superior aircraft in ARB (although im not sure in a pure grinding sense if this is true since the A-10 can most definetely ground pound better), but how are these in GRB comapred to each other? Do the mavs make up for the more cancerous AA opposition the A-10 faces?

There is also something to be said about the much more favorable match maker at 10.0 comapred to 10.3 with the new 11.3 premiums, and even ones going on half off this sale (clickbait).

I was also excited to see that the SU25, SU39, and A-10’s were going to recieve Air spawns or closer spawns on the last dev server, only for that not to make it to live. Why was that?

Aim9L is still much better than the r60m.

The agm65b is not a super good missile. The rockets are the best pick for the su25 although they can be tough to aim at distance.

Personally, i find the the a10 to be much better in ARB. The gun is great for both air and ground and it can pull better at lower speeds.

Between these two, the su25k is what i would suggest. Although the tech tree a10 is better than both imo. It gets the better agm65d and 2 more aim9s.

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I would suggest just playing through the trees and getti g the tech tree variant of either. I have both of them, and if you want to use either in Air then you’re going to have a frustrating time. There are better grinders that you could get for air to make your journey to them better. If you want them primarily for Ground then both are decent picks, but have differing playstyles. I would probably go Russia and Su-25K because the Russian 10.0 lineup (especially with premiums) is pretty great and you won’t have to deal with the braindead US teams around there.

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Both are great planes as i have them both. It depends on your play style and what you plan on doing. for ground rb the su-25 has to get up close and personal, the a-10 can have more of a stand off approach. If you are doing it to just grind the air tree, the su-25 would be better as its faster than the a-10. If you want to use it with CAS i would look at the tank line ups and see which one of those loose like it would be more fun and use that as a tie breaker.

Due to its low speed, the A-10 doesn’t manage to reach the battlefield before it’s all over.


Ya I figured the gameplay would basically be showing up to the fight late, and either being dogpiled by the enemy team and die maybe getting a kill or 2 with the aim 9Ls, or the entire enemy team is dead by the time you get to the fight and its a race agains the clock for you to farm ground targets before the last player on the enemy team is hunted down.

The tank lineup is no question russia. I don’t really know what world a t80+2s38 is considered a lower BR lineup than a KVT+wolfpack but here we are. I just know the second I spend 100 dollars on both of those they will finally go up to 10.3/10.7 even.

It isnt as bad as he is making it out to be. I can usually get in after the initial engagement and start clearing out ground targets. You can make short work of them some you can rack up points quickly. Of course you will get matches where your team gets wiped but that is just a problem of ARB in general.

The su25 doesnt have nearly as much killing power in ARB but it evens it out in GRB.


The 2S38 has survived at 10 for a while so you would at least have a year before having to worry about any changes in BR. I have fun with it, but i favor the T-72 for some reason. Maybe i should pull out the 2S38 and have some fun with it. You wont be disappointed with the Su-25, its what i used to grind a lot of the tech tree.

Just got to the Su-25T and well
Its a lot of fun once you unlock the R-73. For air RB i set up rockets along with the 4 missiles and try to get to a base. some times i can but most of the time im killing ground targets.