SU22M3 not having the irl FLR/CHAFF amount

There is big problem with number of flares that this squadron vehicle . Also same plane in german tech tree has 128 flare/chaff.wich is not fair . And its missing the flares pod modification.



You sure that’s every Su-22 in syria capable for that?

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Yea its the Syrian flag.You can do more research if you like.

Now, every single syrian plane is considered as Su-22?
Or what?
2 pictures doesnt matter anything, in case of historical weapons

The German SU22M3 has 128 flares and its the same plane at the same BR

I’m playing with the Syrian one and if an enemy fires a radar missile you cant do shit with 6CHAFF/6FLR
basically if an enemy fires a radar missile near you your game has ended.

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Not a reason at all

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And? Give some documents and make a report

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the SU22M3 had:
1x KDS-23 decoy launcher with twelve cartridges (the one we have now)
4 × Artem ASO-2V decoy launchers with 32 × 26 mm decoys each ( the 128 that Syria is missing )
1 × SPS-141/142/143 jammers (are pods designed for electronic warfare (EW))

Source: Suchoi Su-22 – Wikipedia go for the:
Selbstverteidigungssysteme (Self-defense systems) then Aktive Maßnahmen (Active measures)

And on which year, by which document that stated?

It was the basic SU22M3 launch document

The German one did have its flare pods and the Syrian one not (in game)


Then - ok.

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It just takes a while for them to update missing equipment. It tends to be on the lower side of their priories since its not game breaking.

I’m gonna stop grinding Russia then for now xd

Lmao ty