Su11 anyone?

when is this thing getting nerfed? starting to get on my nerves.


its just similar to the f2g in 6.0 every nation has to dominate a certain br, that’s how gaijin wants it.

Well, not every nation. The big 3 have the population behind them to get their players’ demands met a lot more often than many others.

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F2G can be beaten by other top tier props, it is very powerful, granted - but the 109’s, TA-152, yak etc can beat it.
SU11 on the other hand doesnt really have a rival at 7.0 - not that matches the performance of su11, you have to go to the ends of the earth every single time you engage it and you never really get an advantage over it - you just beat the pilot, the aircraft itself cannot be overwhelmed.
In the hands of a skilled pilot - the thing is immense and he will kill you, you need support everytime.

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It would be 7.7 or maybe 8.0

P80/F84B/F89/F2H should also not sit where they sit, and there are more offenders in the 7.7-8.0 BR too. One could argue the Mig9L is also straight up 7.7 material. And then there’s a Kikka at 7.0. Case in point being, there’s a lot wrong with the balance around early jets vs props as well as the 9.3-9.7 against the 10.3/10.7s, or the 11.0s against the current 12.0s. There are these certain points in the BR ranges you can play, but it has a higher likelihood to be an uphill battle due to the planes at those brackets and popularity of these planes due to favorable MM


The Su-11 and F-89s both have no right to be anywhere below 7.7. Flying 6.0 and matching with F-89s with their cracked thrust, top speed, climb rate and afterburners, and 6.3 to match with Su-11s which outclass every other 7.3, is ridiculous.


For a second there, I though this post was gonna ask if the Su-11 Fishpot was gonna get added (basically looks like an Uncanny-Valley Mig-21 that’s a dedicated interceptor), and not actually discussing the current, in-game Su-11…

Maybe if they uptier the Re.2005 further to 7.3 it will balance it out