Su-7BMK returns for the Anniversary of its maiden flight!

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Soon after the Su-7 jet fighter was put into service, Soviet command instructed the Sukhoi design bureau to create a modification of this aircraft to be a fighter-bomber. At the same time, the USSR decided to completely abolish attack aircraft in favor of fighter-bomber aircraft. Entering service on January 24th 1961, the Su-7B became the first carrier of nuclear weapons.

The Su-7BMK is available for Golden Eagles!

When: From January 24th (13:00 GMT) until January 26th (11:00 GMT).

Where: USSR > Aviation > Premium vehicles.


About the aircraft

  • The Su-7BMK is an export version of the Su-7BM fighter-bomber. This speedy and fast-climbing aircraft is capable of carrying a large array of diverse weapon options. Some of these include regular FAB-500M-54 bombs, OFAB-250 bombs, S-3K rockets and even large S-24 rockets. Overall the Su-7BMK is an excellent choice for attacking ground targets!