Su-39 radar, need help

Is there any guide how to use Su-39 ground radar mode ? I found myself in dificult situation using it.
I’ ve tried to bring it in missions when visibility is not that great because Su-39 doesnt have thermal pod and this Kopyo-25 just dont work, it locks only allies and it gave me few teamkills already. It locks on something i am convinced that is an enemy and i teamkill because from 10km markers are not yet visible …

When ka-50 first came i had this problem too but only in few matches. Game wouldn’t mark teammates from that distance some times. Do you always have this problem?

Like every time, can’t utilise strengths of this radar really

Ka-50 or Ka-52 - which one have ground radar mode?

Ka-50 has no radar. Ka-52 has a good frontal facing radar for both ground and air targets.

Yeah, that’s what i thought after checking on the game,… but as you said :

I was confused

In those times ka-50 was longest range helicopter. Sometimes when i wanted to find target with optic i couldn’t see name on teammates so a few times i killed teammates. I think op problem is a bug same as my early days of ka-50. Maybe if he report it and ask for fix, devs fix it.

It is a problem of IFF system

There is no IFF systems on tanks so you have to verify the data of lock by using a FLIR pod, and check on what is locked (Flir pod is salved to radar)