Su-39 needs 2 of R-77s(Sorry my opinion is wrong&bad Idea)

Su-39 needs two R-77s on the current two R-73 pylons.
(I found an image of R-27 installed on the central pylon, but I failed to find that central pylon also can equip with R-77.)

  1. Because the Su-39’s top speed is a little lower than the AV-9B Plus Harrier.
    (Approximately 1050km/h at low altitude.)

  2. The Su-39 is also less maneuverable and can’t make the same sharp turn as the Harrier.

  3. Su-39 is very hard to destroy enemy fighters in 11.3 br with R-73.
    Because Su-39 can’t reach the mach 1, So Hit&Run is hard to succeed, and planes that can’t reach the mach 1 are very unlikely to take the initiative in combat.

  4. The Su-39 must be equipped with a Kopyo radar pod with drag in order to operate a radar missile.

  5. Of course, being able to shoot two R-60Ms and two R-77s at 11.3br is too unreasonable, so if Su-39 takes two R-77s, the plane must go up to 11.7-12.0.
    (I’m not sure what BR will be fine to go if the Su-39 is equipped with 2 R-77s in Ground RB.)

  6. In ground realistic battle, Su-39s are forced to fight very unfavorable air battles if enemy team has planes that can reach mach 1&having PD Radar + Radar Missiles at the same time.

In my experience, the only way to kill an enemy plane as riding Su-39 is to use radar to find the enemy, turn off the radar, fly to expected enemy’s direction, and then launch an R-73 surprisely.
Or when I doing dogfight against the enemy, the only way to success is If the enemy made a big mistake, so when my overshoot succeeded, firing R-73 to enemy.

  1. Launching R-77s which have enormous drag due to the presence of grid pins from slow planes makes long-range BVRs really difficult.

I’m so sorry. Giving R-77s to Su-39 is wrong and bad idea.

I’ll explain you why.

  1. Some 11.0 br aircrafts have trash RWR.
    (For example, MiG-21 Bis)
    MiG-21 Bis has not so many countermeasures, and most important part is MiG-21 Bis’ RWR is trash.
    So If MiG-21 Bis meets the enemy who firing R-77 will be too painful.

  2. In 12.3 br, AV-8B Plus has 4 AMRAAMs, but Riding that Harrier in 13.0br is not so funny.
    So If Su-39 goes up to 12.3 with only 2 of R-77s, then it will suffer pain more than Harrier.

So you want an already slow plane , with a somewhat decent armament to face even better enemies ? At 11.3 you can put up a decent fight using the R73s, R60s, and 9k127 Vikhr . What you typed above is right, the addition of the R77 will make its BR higher, which would put the SU39 in an even worse spot matchmaker wise.

R77 means 12.3 at least.

If you wanna suffer against Fox-3 missiles 24/7 be my guest, but i highly doubt you will enjoy it.


hmm okay
then 12.3 will be fine

or 2 of R-27Rs in 11.3

I never tried using Vikhr in air realistic battle against enemy jets.
Is that effective?
I think Vikhr’s top speed from firing Su-39 is not so fast like aim-9b…

wait… J-8F can reach mach 1, and AV-8B Plus can take 4 AMRAAMs.
but Su-39 with 2 R-77s? I think it is not 100% same.
But you may think Su-39 with 2 R-77s in 12.0 is too good for 12.0

Will not be fine.

Im currently using Av-8B plus which is a subsonic airframe at 12.3, any uptiers will result either suffering or instant death against competetent 13.0 pilots.

Su-39 is inferior platform to AV-8B and will have less and worse Fox-3’s, now imagine what would happen when you face F15C that has 8 Aim-120’s.


Oooooooh wait wait wait
I forgot that some 11.0 aircrafts(like MiG-21bis) have trash RWR.
Sorry about my wrong&bad opinion.
Giving R-77 to Su-39 is too bad idea…

then how about 2 R-27Rs in central pylons? will it be also bad?

Will most likely recieve br increase and R27’s will do more harm then benefits.

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Then, how about 11.0 br for current Su-39 in Air RB?
will it be also bad?

Without R27’s it will be good , its a subsonic platform that can be killed by any 11.0 airframe.

Real question is does Gaijin thinking the same?


If the sea harrier FA2 is 12.3. Su39 with r77s is 12.3. especially as it’s totally immune to rear aspect ir missiles

This addition was rejected by technical moderators as there is no proof it is compatible and capable of firing those missiles, it is believed to be a mockup/just added for aesthetically showing off or demonstrating it’s capability to at the very least, carry them.

Su39 is 11.7…