Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container

It is located on the BR, where all aircraft are converted into multifunctional ones. If it is 10.7 - I would understand it.

The F-14B has both A2A and A2G, no worse than strike aircraft.

Open any topic on this forum and read the answers of those who bought the su-39 or opened the su-25t.

I have a hunch we may see a change, the feedback they push forward come from the ccs

I’ve done the same with Britain, I own multiple premiums, but none are perticularly strong or special, basically just premium versions of the TT version.

Soviet Premiums always get something more added to them. Something that gives them an edge. Mig-23ML, Ka-50, T-72 TURMS are all good examples of that.

I can maybe see it going to 11.0, but I dont think it would be with the next BR change, but maybe the one afterwards. I think the impact of the next gen aircraft/weapons such as AMRAAM is going to have a bigger factor on the Su-39 performance than looking purely at what we have now. Besides, it typically takes quite a bit of time for enough data to be gathered for any vehicle to be moved up or down. Look how long it took for the Harrier Gr1 to go from 10 to 9.7. So maybe not in the next BR update, but maybe the next one

wouldnt be sure, ccs are depading the ARB capability, but it isnt supposed to be used there in the first place it is a striker primarily , most strikers got problems at thar br

I personally don’t see it going down. I’m hoping for a armament change.

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Based upon what Smin has said, that is unlikely at the moment. Maybe in 6 months+ as the game changes. it might get something. I think the best it can hope for currently is a minor BR change.

that is the problem the su 39 is at an very akward spot, going down is problematic because of its IRCCM and the lack of radar missles at lower brs, but because it is a premium giving it stronger armament isnt a good option either because the only possible missles are very strong and would increase its br , and premiums arent supposed to be 11,7. The possible R 27ER are the best missles in the game and would terrorise GRB, Sim and Arcade air battles possibly, it would destroy 3 game modes for the sake of 1

Possible R-27R, Even R-27T, which are not medium-range missiles at all.

All of them are much worse than the R-27ER, which I never spoke about

I know what Smin said, but the decisions can be made at any time, I’m sure we will still see something with the aircraft and basing the loads of feedback they’ve been getting, there’s still a chance, I’m just waiting to see what they may do. I’m also apart of the sekrit cc circle lol.

Im not actually sure what that is.

Yeah, we’ll have to see, best guess, sometime in 6 months, maybe december major update. If they add anything at all. Just glad they are being cautious

For some reason, no one talks about the R-27T, which is in the pictures from the book that I sent here.

This is an IR missile that does not capture a target at 50 kilometers, but only at 4.8. She could at least help the Su-39 with planes and helicopters.

Basically content creators have their own discord server where they can submit feedback and whatnot, but I’m not allowed or going to discuss any specifics of that jazz. Though this is already known.

I am amazed that 12.0 multipurpose aircraft do not seem unbalanced to you, although they play against helpless 11.0, while they can kill both all aircraft and all tanks.

They clearly require a minimum of 12.3-12.7, but “that will be sometime in the future” and the developers weren’t at all careful introducing them.

Has been mentioned several times before and none have objection to that addition except that there was potential for it to not be “historically accurate” but the stuff you shared did eliminate that. So that is maybe the only option short ish term I could see being added

Ah, thank you.

Well. Forward.

Im constantly saying the Mig-29 needs to move up in BR. F-14B probably should follow it up. Its called BR compression. Its been a major problem in WT at top tier for the past 3 ish years.

It turns out in this case they are completely not accurate?
Moreover, the Mig-29, unlike the F-14, cannot kill a plane with the help of a phoenix in one match, and then they will throw off 4 guided bombs through a thermal imager

As more multi-roles are added, this is simply going to be a problem.