Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container

If you mock history and those who study it, I will not sympathize with you, but rejoice at all the bad aircraft in Germany in the future.

Su-39 in game is intended to be the export model of T/TM. This is confirmed by the devs.

The aircraft is still the Su-39. Like all other vehicles, it is subject to balance decisions on its loadout. Its the same as anything else.

We have never announced Su-25TM will appear. Other variants of the Su-25 are possible in game, but the Su-39 is not linked to any other aircraft being added in terms of itself getting improvements. That will be based purely on the balance of the Su-39 itself.


which aircrafts lol? germany hasnt realy sth left, if you wanna call the typhoon bad sureeeeeee

Well, he may well go out without the main part of the weapons for “balance reasons” and be a loser

ahhh so it is a case like the M1 KVT, in reality the KVT was a M1A1 but for balancing reason the M1 Abrams was used @Ralin there you got your reason it is no real SU 39 in the first place, just like the USA doesnt have a real KVT, checks out that they got added in the same update

that propably might happen since iris t is very announced and we will get first typhoon variants without those i guess, gotta life with aim 9ls it is what it is

What are you doing in my thread, german main? I realized a long time ago that you are just wasting my time.

You are not interested in the su-39, like in any other aircraft of the USSR

you started it just answered you

You started it, and not even with this message, but initially, where you made a judgment about the plane having 0 games on it.

i dont need to own it to be able to judge it, i can look at videos, play at its br range, look at consequences of its addition and see where posssible problem could come out, i listen to valid arguments of other players and learn from them, like i said i am not against any new things i would ahve no problem with thermal pod as example

I think you misunderstood. The Su-39 is correct as an export series. Its not a fictitious vehicle.

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eh , maybe you didnt write correct version in that moment

Agreed. Where the Su-39 is concerned, Im more worried about big changes/additions without any thought to the consequences. Kudos to the devs for actually choosing moderation this time, and easing the Su-39 up. Does it need a little buff, maybe. But Im glad they havent jumped the gun. We have already seen what happens when a jet is given weapon systems to advanced for the current game in the form of R-27ER on the Mig-29

su-39 not a jet

Insulting us, because your beloved aircraft is not all that you hope it to be isnt going to change anything, the devs have spoken.

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Then what is it? A bi-plane?

sub-sonic plane

Do you know when the next Balancing happens? Or a rough timeframe?

oh yeah because kd is everything, i got a positive win ratio, i stopped using the leo 2 because i dont have a line up heck, i didnt play ground anymore since like 2 months and am focusing at air , if you need to take my player statistics into this it shows how desperate you are and are grapping for straws.
I might not be the best player but i am an active member of the community and am active in many parts of the forum to learn stuff or help out, in the mean time you mostly only have threads about SU 39.
And you mostly use russian wallet warrior line up yourself , so i dont wanna hear complains from someone who uses the strongest country currently and gets hand holding

br changes might happen with the summer update where the foldering happen, but i dont see the su 39 getting a big change 0,3 so to 11,0 at most, additions of armament etc normaly only happen with major updates