Su-25BM LDR having different max zoom between TV and Laser weapons

So i have noticed that for some reason there is a different max zoom between having only TV guided weapons and Laser guided weapons for the Su-25BM.
The comparison goes as following (i tried my best taking the pictures at the same angle and height)

Using only Laser guided Weapons

Using only TV guided weapons or mix between TV and Laser

I’m not certain whether this is intended or a bug that needs to be fixed. Only the Su-25BM has this abnormal difference in zoom between TV and Laser guidance. Even more weird is that even if i carry a mixed loadout between TV and Laser, and i jettison or use up all TV weapons: that the Laser guided weapons will have the zoom of the TV.

So, I will hear from others or from Gaijin staff if this is a bug or intended, and hopefully it will get resolved.

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this, and its over-tiered.