Su-25Bm casually eating sparrows to the face

Now with Su-25Bm on top tier, it’s very noticeable it’s broken damage model as often su-25’s are casually eating sparrows to the face without any critical damage, not even the fuselage receives meaningful damage.

First time facing the busted DM of any of the Su25? Even the lower tier ones can eat multiple missiles. They’ve been broken for a long long time and even though Gaijin made a blog post that they’ve “Fixed It!” it really wasn’t fixed at all after that…

Not an exclusive problem. Only 1 missile in the game that I know of that can consistantly 1 shot a Su-25 tpye aircraft and thats the Red Top. one of hte biggest booms in the game. Even then, it can shrug it off. All the Su-25s take a huge amount of damage to kill. Be prepared to fire 2x missiles at one.

No, but a sparrow has a considerably stronger warhead than the usual sidewinders used at 9.7-10.7.

Sometimes you could survive direct hits from sidewinders with other planes too, but a plane that got a direct hit to the face with a sparrow and did not even receive critical damage is new to me.

Su25 can casually eat a Phoenix as well getting only a red fuselage, Sparrow, that’s just a snack in comparison. I’ve seen them eat 4 sidewinders, get shot on fire, put that out too, and get shot again, to finally go down.

They also eat direct hits from tanks like its nothing. Or eating 6-7-8 or even more stinger missiles.

Their DM is completely and utterly busted.

Yes, they are suppose to be durable, but so is the A10, but neither should be able to survive anywhere close to the damage the Su25 can just sponge up in WT

To be fair, lately, I have been consistently deleting su25 players with the single Phoenix I carry. But the double standard move Gaijin did with the su25 damage model is ridiculous, while the a-10 is one of the most fragile aircraft at its BR