Su 25 BM Zoom diffrence depending on loadout?

I notized when playing with the loadouts that the Zoom of the camera differs depending if you got TV guided ammunition or not.
When not having TV guided ammunition the Zoom is basicly non existent but if you got TV guided ammunition then you got actually a pretty good Zoom.

Is this intended or a Bug?
Why should the zoom be diffrent depending on the ammunition you carry?
Would be nice to have alway the bedder zoom option.

This is because the camera switches to the view of the TV guided munition, namely either the Kab-500kr or the Kh-29T (which have some insane TV seekers by the way).
The only other optic it has is the one for laser guidance, that one carries over from the other early Su-25s

Ah ok so there are 2 cameras in the nose. well i guess iam gonna carry so or so at least one KH 29T to get that sweet zoom for the other laser guided rockets.

Makes them much more comftebal to use in Sim.

Thx for the awnser

I sadly do not know if you can actually use the Kh-29T’s view for laser designation however, but it definitely is more useful for target finding, that’s for sure.
So for laser ordnance, well, stock nose camera it is.

It is working. as long you got a single TV guided ammunition you get the bedder zoom until you change to a loadout with only Laser guided Ammuniton

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Interesting. Well, that’s gonna be nice to use.
Now remove the thread so noone else figures it out lol ( i meme, don’t)

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