SU-25 and KA-50 unrealistic armor

Now that i finished the russian line and have other nations top tier im really seeing the russian bias, an SU25 just took 4 stingers!!! FOUR and flew away, same with the KA50 getting riddled with 50 cal bullets like a red ryder bb gun…

Im not even sure why im surprised considering EVERY junk russian tank irl has broken armor and rng multipliers


As opposed to the very realistic fragile light fighter known as the F-5 in real life, right?


Reminder folks that the KA-50/52 tail is empty and holds no critical avionics and the helicopter can totally fly without said tail without issue.


I can probably find proof of damaged ka-52s flying with missing parts. Can you find proof that F-5s can fly without wings, survive over 5kg of explosive & sharpnell damage and still go like nothing happened?


The ka-50/52 CAN fly without a tail. It doesn’t mean it should be able to do what It does in game. Without tails, it manuevers pretty badly and this is only possible because of the co-axial contrarotating rotors it has. The solution is to worsen the manueverability when it is missing the tail.



You should probably be more specific here. The image you posted is of a KA-50/52 flying without the vertical stabilizer, which itself is attached to the tail. The entire tail section is not gone, like what people are referencing happens in game, which the whole “it’s unable to maneuver as well” part is false in game, but I agree it should proabably be a mechanic.


I believe this still stands if the tail is missing. Regardless, it is much too powerful with the tail missing anyways and without sufficient proof of either argument, I think it would be an easier solution if there was a mechanic where it would manuever badly without tail.


I’m sorry, but 40% of the airframe missing is not “missing parts”.

That is not missing its tail my friend, that is missing it’s vertical stabilizer, there is quite a difference here, when one is a single control surface and the other, the in game reality, is that the heli can fly without almost half it’s airframe and no control surfaces.

No it being a stacked rotor will not suddenly make it controllable when this much if your aircraft is gone.


This level of damage is not at all comparable to your example.


I’m still waiting, prove it to me that the F-5s can fly with the aforementioned conditions

Wait until you find out how much armor A-10 has.
Ka-50 suffers from a system on the out. Helicopter damage models are improving in September, so be patient there.

That’s not an accurate representation of the damage done to that Ka-5X.

Again, that’s not accurate to what the damage is done in-game. A consequence of simplified visual models.

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Does anyone claim it should be able to?

I dont recall this thread or my statement being about the F-5, if you wish to talk about that DM please go to that thread as I know it exists.

As it stands, the KA-50/52 has a unrealistic DM and I have yet to see evidence otherwise.

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I don’t know man, F-5 has been like that longer than the su25, the the su25 has the excuse of actually being armored. As for the ka50, I’ve even seen ah1g fly without a tail somehow, which makes even less sense.

There are over 10 threads bitching about the su25/ka50 but not even single one about the f5 (maybe there is 1 at best)

Isn’t it an obvious conclusion that some people here are just mad this happens to benefit the ussr instead of usa or others?


See above

F5C is nowhere near as widespread in ground RB. I remember people complaining about it for months after it was introduced, so there’s that, but nowadays I guess tankers suffer more from Su-25 and Ka-50 spam, and Air RB players are a smaller group nobody at gaijoob cares about anyway :/
Go ahead, make a thread about it or revive an old one.

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can you show a cancer 50/52 with the entire tail section missing firing its weapons and hovering over the battlefield ?

I don’t think so

how many F5 do you see in ground battles and how many cancer 50/52 su25 and other versions of it ?
its probably a 1 to 10 ratio
and about su 25 damage model lets not talk about it
A-10 gets a single sam hit and goes down su takes 3-4 and keeps going…


You’re right, 40% of the airframe is 40% of the airframe…

Wanna know what else is 40% of the airframe?

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As stated above, there is proof posted of damaged ka52s operating (not to war thunder levels of course). I’m still wait for someone here to post the same about the f5

I see hundreds of them in a spawn of 5 air battles. How does that make any less of a problem? If you want to advocate about correct Damage Models you should start with the F5, otherwise it’s hypocrisy. Ka50 survives after losing the tail only due to the dual rotor. If the Apache had this it would be the same. I said earlier I’ve seen ah1gs spam rockets and fly normally after losing their tail rotor which is even more unrealistic.

I’ve had a-10s survive all sorts if hits. Its elevators are its biggest weak point. Also whether you like this fact or not, the su25 has more than double the a10s armor.

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Just as pointless as this or any other su25/ka50 thread. Fixing premium stuff isn’t beneficial to them you see.

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hmm lemme see it can get 1 shot? lets see how many hits the su25 can stand, hmmmmmmmm 10-15 missiles.