Su-17/22 Klen laser designator Vertical limits

as can be seen here, the vertical Y-axis limit in FPP vs the same limit (as shown by the yellow rectangle) in TPP are not the same and give a wrong sense of limits in TPP.
this thread is for pushing attention to this bug as it is an easy, quick and minor fix

heres the bug report

The box is not laser designator limit, it’s launch window for your S-25Ls, when laser is pointing inside the box you can launch laser guided weapons (they will track), if you point outside the box the missile you can’t launch because missile will not be able to see laser spot.
Furthermore just because you can designate target point (red brackets) pretty much anywhere does not mean you can illuminate the point with laser, if you point the nose of aircraft to far away from target point laser illuminator will be disabled preventing launch of missile and prevent missiles already in flight from being guided to target.

Sorry but thats wrong.
Laser guided weapons dont launched unless the target is being actively illuminated.
Ive been using them for a while. I know how they work.
It is not a launch window because if you have the keybind set for toggle laser designator, you can see that you can only launch laser guided weaponry within the laser designators limits.

Yes i should know ive been using these for like a year.

This is an inaccuracy on part of the representation of the laser designator limits.
The launch window and designator limits coincide for the Sukhoi fitter K

You clearly don’t know how they work.
Su-25T, KH-25ML selected:

Su-25T, 9K137 Vikhr Selected

You will note that box changed size when missile with different launch window was selected.

Again, im sorry you are mistaken.
Vikhrs are beam riding missiles with a restricted launch window.
Laser guided missiles like the kh-25,29 and S-25L are different.

Yes, that is why box is smaller.
Launch window is also drawn inside first person/gunner/targeting pod view.

And here is MiG-27K that can illuminate target below and behind itself:

S-25O rockets selected:

No box:
Kh-29L AGM selected:

Box present.

That box is launch window for weapon.
You can test it yourself, select point on the ground, turn on laser designator, push the nose down so designated point is above your plane and you will see laser icon dispappear.

again, i dont know what you cannot understand. the launch window for the S-25L, Kh-25ML, Kh-29 COINCIDE with the Laser designator limits in FPP. but the TPP shows the launch window as much more than what it actually is.

here the SPI is set to ‘above’ the launch window as well as the Laser designators limits.
i can neither turn on the laser nor can i launch.

the launch window inside the FPP is the same as the laser designator limit.
what is so complex about this?

Launch limit for missile is symetrical up and down and have to do with missile seeker.
In third person it’s launch window (which is decided by missile seeker, similar to how AtA missile work) being drawn not designator limit, box drawn for KH-25/29L and S-25L in third person view does not differ between planes that have greatly different designator limits.
Here is Su-25T upside down with laser pointing “above” the cocpit and missile ready to launch.

There is difference between what missile seeker can see and what you can point your laser designator at.

ok, question…

in the SS ive drawn a few things…
ive pulled the designator to its Y-max limit. the crosshair at the center of the screen is as shown.
but the cross hair representation at the bottom is not at its maximum Y-axis limit (or shown maximum limit)

and as a general question.
what is (1) and what is (2)

because the way i see it, in TPP, the laser designator limits should be shown as well as the launch window. not just one or the other

No idea why they modeled it as a rectangle and not a square or circle but if I were to guess it may be to differentiate AtA missiles from AtG too with simple visual distinction coupled with making assets (missiles) bot reusable and somewhat future proof.

another issue is with the FPP vertical limit vs TPP vertical limit.

but it may just be the FPP box being wrong.

but if the box in TPP is what the missile can see, then why is it a rectangle and not a square as the missile seeker is, to my understanding, circular or at least equal in its vertical and horizontal limits