SU-152G: Postwar Powerhouse

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SU-152G: Postwar Powerhouse


Following World War II, the Soviet Union's primary heavy assault gun, the ISU-152, was beginning to show some age. Despite being a successful vehicle during the war, it had its fair share of flaws. Many of these came down to its casemate design which restricted the movement of the gun significantly. It also had a relatively low ammunition capacity and relatively poor mobility. As a result, in June of 1948 a decree was announced calling for a replacement to be developed. Lev Gorlitsky of the OKB-3 design bureau organized three projects, two with 152mm howitzers and one with a 100mm gun. These three vehicles were the SU-152G, SU-152P, and SU-100P. The three vehicles shared a hull and differed only in armament.

The SU-152G was armed with the D-50/D-1 152mm howitzer. This was based on the D-1 towed howitzer and was developed by OKB-9 in conjunction with the SPG projects, along with the other two guns. The D-50/D-1 could use any and all of the ammunition available to the D-1 towed howitzer, including HE, SAPHE, Anti-Concrete, and HEAT. This gave it a wide array of shells to choose from, thus allowing it to engage many types of targets. Initial testing showed extremely promising results with only a few minor issues. Once these were fixed, the SU-152G moved on to state trials, where it once again proved its worth. After a few more fixes to the chassis, it and the SU-100P were accepted into service in 1955.

However, the SU-152G and its partner would never see mass production, as Khrushchev ordered a stop to the development of all self-propelled guns. This was part of his larger decision to entirely focus on missiles as the future of warfare, something which did not play out. All three prototypes now reside at Kubinka, with the ISU-152M serving as an interim upgrade instead.


As mentioned above, the SU-152G shared the same chassis as the SU-100P. This gave it identical stats for protection, propulsion, and layout. The engine, the 400HP Model V-54-105 V12 diesel also found in the SU-100P, provided a top speed of 65 km/h (40 mph). The main gun, the D-50/D-1 howitzer, was mounted in roughly the same location as on the SU-100P, with a gun shield around the front and sides. The armor surrounding the gun ranged from 10-15mm, but remained open, as on the SU-100P. The gun could traverse an arc of 143° (71.5° to each side) and had elevation angles of -5/+40°. Ammunition was stored in the same rear boxes, with a total of 42 rounds available - more than double that of the previous generation ISU-152. The selection of ammunition available to the SU-152G was vast, primarily covering high explosive, fragmentation, and chemical rounds. The shells of interest to War Thunder are as follows, with most already available in-game:
  • BP-540: HEAT - Available in-game to most 152mm guns (excluding KV-2).
  • PB-35: SAPHE - Available in-game to KV-2.
  • G-530: Anti-Concrete - Available in-game to KV-2.
  • OF-530: HE-Frag - Available in-game to all 152mm guns.
  • 3OF9: HE-VT - Payload slightly smaller than OF-530 at 5.43kg.
  • 3OF66: HE-Frag - Improved HE-Frag with larger payload of 7.8kg. Also available with VT fuse.
  • D-530: Smoke

It is important to note that the BR-540 family of APHE shells was not available to the SU-152G. No provision was made for a secondary armament, meaning the vehicle has no way to defend itself from aircraft or other threats. This was not uncommon, however, and the SU-100P was no different.



Primary Armament: 152mm D-50/D-1 howitzer

Armor: 25-15mm (hull front), 15mm (sides, gun shield front), 10mm (hull roof, gun shield sides), 8mm (hull rear), 6mm (gun shield roof, floor)

Ammo Count: 42x 152mm rounds

Engine: V-54-105 V12 Diesel, 400HP

Transmission: Planetary, 6 forward/2 reverse

Top Speed: 65 km/h (40 mph) on road

Gun Movement: -5/+40° elevation, 143° traverse

Sight: OP1-7 telescopic gunsight - 3.5x fixed magnification, 14° FOV

Mass: 23.8 tons

Crew: 2 (Driver, Commander/Gunner)



If there is anything I have missed or gotten incorrect, please let me know! I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I hope you will also check out my other suggestions! Thanks, and have a great day.



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(This is fewer sources than I’d like, but the Wikipedia entry is extremely well-sourced, with multiple primary documents, so I’m giving it a pass. Any extra sources I can put here would be appreciated.)


+1 alongside the SU-152P. Honestly should have been added alongside the SU-100P but oh well.

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+1 for the tree!


Would be nice to see the SU-152P (below) as well to complement the trio.


+1, also the SU-152P

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that’s what shoud have been added to 6.3 instead of the 2s3m. And the german should have received the hummel. su-152p would make a great premium, like the su-122p with the su-100.

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This is needed.

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+1, I didn’t know of this one, I’d be nice to it

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