STZ-5 BM13-16: The rocket tractor

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STZ-5 BM13-16 (Katyusha STZ) is a very rare vehicle, so there are little information about it, but it is lucky I found it!


Early on the Great Patriotic War, Stalingrad Tractor Zavod (factory) had large amounts of STZ 5 tractors available. The STZ-5 had a conventional artillery tractor configuration where the engine and driver compartment was up front and the supplies bed at the back of the vehicle. The STZ-5 was an available chassis to carry the new Katyusha launchers, so during the conversion the cargo bed was removed and the Katyusha, aiming aid and support jack were mounted in place. The Katyusha STZ first saw combat in Moscow 1941. There are a few captured by the Germans.

Place in game:

This vehicle can be a perfect fun vehicle for the regular tech tree, the tt counterpart for the BM-13N (the truck version) . This can being lots of fun to people as it unlocks a new playstyle for people. Although waaaayyyy slower than the BM-13N, it can fire its rockets at vehicles directly in front of it without cabin blind spot problem. It may also have better off-road capabilities. This vehicle is perfect for br 2.3 - 2.7 in rank II / III .



Speed: 22km/h (road) , 11-12 km/h (off-road)

Engine: 1MA , 4 cylinder: 52 - 56 hp (quality difference)

hp/t : 8.41(2dp)

Protection: 1-5mm (All of these light vehicles/trucks have different protection)


armament: Katyusha launcher with 132mm M-13 rockets

ammo amount: 16 rockets all ready to fire!

Crew: 2, chilling in the cab


truck: 5840kg (STZ-5’s kerb weight)

launcher :815 kg (It is named “guidance package” in sources. I assume it stands for the rails of the launcher… the weight also seems a bit dubious)

Add together: 6655kg


Length: 4150mm

Width: 1855mm

Height: 2360mm (without launcher)


Engines of the Red Army in WW2

As seen, can shoot in front of the vehicle and has 0 degrees of gun depression. The initial drop of the rockets also help with shooting in front of the vehicle.

Engines of the Red Army in WW2

BM-13 Katyusha STZ-5 NATI - Walk Around - NET-MAQUETTES

Surviving monument

A German soldier near the captured BM-13-16 Katyusha on the chassis of the tractor STZ-5

German soldier near the Katyusha STZ

BM-13-16 Katyusha by oscerF on DeviantArt

55. Боевая машина БМ-13 (Новомосковск): myauu — LiveJournal

Engines of the Red Army in WW2

Destroyed vehicle

UMMC Military Museum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma - Part 2 - RecoMonkey

By searching up СТЗ-5 БМ13-16, a surprising amount of photos you can find of this vehicle. It is strange how little information or discussion there is about this vehicle. Either way, thankyou for reading this suggestion.



I say +1 for this cute vehicle, but not for regular tree like you proposed.
MLRS vehicles are not present in regular trees and I think it should be kept that way.

Looks like a snail, with a serious grudge lol.

In my opinion, such a unique vehicle with a funny playstyle should not be locked behind a pay wall.

What a goofy little guy! +1 for however it gets added.

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