Stutters/Freezes and 50/50 chance for crash/recovery since AMD FMF preview driver and now 24.1.1

Ever since using the FMF Preview Driver and now the WHQL 24.1.1 driver Warthunder has this Problem that once in a game, after some minutes, it will start to hard stutter and about 5-10 seconds later it either crashes or resume to be playable without any problem (until you restart the client)

i had this happen on my previous AM4 PC (5800X) and now on my AM5 (7800X3D) PC - same GPU (6800XT) - the problem did not appear with 23.9.3 and before so it seems that there is something going on on warthunders end that does not mix with the drivers (it is also the only game for me that this problem appears in, be it newer or older titles)

It is the Adrenalin software with Smart Access memory that makes the game buggy. Just download the GPU driver on Amd support website and choose install Driver only when opening the installation program. All works well for me now and I have same config than you.