Stuttering and crashing in mad thunder event

When playing the new event I have persistent frame drops and crashes. Any time there is a vehicle firing the game starts stuttering and occasionally crashes. It also stutters if I use the gunner sight. These issues occur with all of the vehicles in every situation, although it appears to get worse the higher the fire rates of the vehicles firing are. When no autocannon rounds are onscreen and I am not using the gunner’s sight I get constant 144+ fps with high graphics settings. My pc has a 5800x cpu and an rx6700xt gpu with 32gb of RAM.

Any help would be appreciated; the event is unplayable for me in this state.

Update: I have tried a couple things (verifying files, graphics settings, clearing cache, removing sound mods). Performance in the event has actually improved, but is still almost unplayable. However I now get random frame drops followed by crashes in normal matches too. I have never had issues with the game prior to yesterday and am unsure what else to try.


^Bump^ I have the same problem. I5-8400, GTX-1660 Ti, 64 Gb of RAM.

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My game is running fine, but the event itself is completely useless for me. What’s the point of collecting resources if I can’t get any new vehicles or upgrade the ones we start with?

My workshop is literally missing.


Same here! I’ve tried updating the GeForce application, verified the integrity of the files, nothing seems to work. Earlier in the morning the game worked just fine, before the event came, now its unplayable.

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Bump. Same. If I rejoin I can play briefly. However audio gets cut and, though it says frames are fine, it will take years to load each frame.


"I have no idea when or how they’ll fix it, but I know one thing: the game has become unplayable despite having a good PC. I tried reinstalling the game, but it didn’t help at all. I also replaced the game files with the original ones (previously I had modified sounds), but still no luck :/ We’re waiting for support’s response.

Bump, same running max settings on an i9 13900KS and 3090 and having the exact same issue

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Verify files, clear the cache folder, always…

Any issues that this sort of thing happens, NEEDS to have the steps taken.

all of these were tried multiple times for me and nothing changed

Thing is you didn’t state that you did this… So I don’t know if you did or not so I’d have to assume that you didn’t otherwise I could waste my time trying to help you, when it was suc a minor thing…

That’s why you do things like this.

You don’t even know if the OP even did it.

Your right and i apologize. That being said i also uninstalled and reinstalled drivers etc… and it still crashes so i guess ill just have to uninstall and reinstall warthunder to see if that fixes it.

I would suggest changing your graphics settings maybe… I use nVidia experience to tweak them, and I’d switch it right down, play a bit, then flip it back and see how it goes.

There’s a lot of settings files now in the %appdata% folder, as well as the game itself if you install it with the gaijin launcher defaults. Could be something to actually clear out if it gets hectic.

Thank you for your response. Just clearing the cache helped a bit, but I found a solution to this error. Simply uninstall the game, delete all War Thunder files from steamapps (you can leave the config), and then reinstall the game. After these steps, everything is working correctly. Best regards!

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Update after the most recent patch:
Nearly all issues have been resolved for me currently, EXCEPT for frame drops when the boar is firing. I believe I have had similar frame drops in regular matches when certain autocannons fire but have not experienced it recently. The issue occurs when any nearby boar is firing (including my own), or I use the gunner sight while playing as the boar. Apart from this the game appears to run normally.

I may try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that eliminates all of the errors, but I would rather avoid the process and just not play the event.

I have tried deleting everything off of war thunder over 5 times reset, i wont download off of steam ill lose progress. the thing is it always happens ive deleted eveything, user skins, sights, turned all my graphics off to ULQ but it keeps crashing im considering just taking this as a sign from the snail to take a break and wait for the next update where they patch and stuff. Not to happy since I had just begun my grind for mig-21smt im hoping by the of next week this is fixed or i will be writing more than just a forum reply

I linked my gaijin account to my steam account long ago, it works fine.

I log into my gaijin account on the regular launcher, but if I fire up my steam version it just logs me in and everything.

I have problem when i spawn with only one wehicle and die the second and third wehicle i cannot use any more even when i have rage i cant spawn at all fuck this when you cant even enjoy event i tryed reinstal game veryfy integrity files update all drivers nothing and im not alone in this its disgusting how gaijin allways makes funny eventz but yett they dont work at all and they are bugget as hell.

i could try that but im thinking if i just wait for the next update this will go away. maybe the snail is telling me