Sturmteiger needs a buff

Currently, Sturmteiger is in need of some buffing. It is not about lowering armor, mobility, or BR. Sure, the firepower of this vehicle is attractive…but only if it hits…but the rangefinder is as useless as nuclear waste after 200m and the damage range, where even a lightly armored or open-top vehicle will not be harmed if it is 10m away from the point of impact, despite having the same explosive charge as a German 250kg bomb, needs to be fixed. The range of damage that can be done by a lightly armored or open-top vehicle at a distance of 10 meters from the point of impact, even though it has the same explosive weight as a German 250 kg bomb, needs to be corrected. Yea. I understand your point of view. If we strengthen it badly, it will be too strong. Certainly, increasing the damage range would greatly increase the chances of a light/unarmored vehicle being destroyed without even seeing its opponent. However, the current damage range is clearly too narrow for the amount of explosives. At the very least, the damage range for light/unarmored vehicles needs to be extended to 20 to 50 meters. The same applies to rangefinders. It is necessary to reduce the error range even if it takes more time to measure the range.

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No, absolutely not. Aim wouldn’t even be required in urban map.
Initially the vehicle wasn’t ever intended to enter War Thunder and when it did it was already significantly buffed in it’s reload time compared to how it is in real life.

It is a gimmick vehicle and that is all it should be. I’m not sure why more is being expected of it.


Based on what? The 10 minute reload? The historical information about the 10 or 20 minute reload is about loading the shells into vehicle from the outside and not reloading them inside. What would actually take a lot of time in the reload is probably that they would have to elevate the launcher back to horizontal position each time in preparation for ramming the rocket into the launcher, but I suspect the added time would only be after the rocket was rammed in, because before it might happen simultaneously while loaders were taking the rocket from the rack with a sliding crane to a ramming rack in the middle. What would make sense for it to take more time would be for rockets from the lower shelves to take more time to load, and there would need to be ammo ready rack replenishing that would bring rockets upwards on the racks one by one - that’s where it could take significantly more time. First four reloads could potentially actually take that one minute.

I wish the explosive worked like a 250kg bomb, I really do, but I can understand the balance reason.
What I don’t like is that if we are taking such liberties with reducing the explosive force, then it shouldn’t be the only vehicle that can be shot by shooting the shell inside the launcher, even when the shell is not inside. It has it’s own weak spots and huge reload time, so being able to kill it with MG, especially by hitting a rocket, shouldn’t be a thing, but that’s a minor thing.

What is actual problem is that the MG elevation is linked with main gun as multiple other multi-turret/separate-gun arrangements and here when you are aiming at 200m forward, the mg is shooting up the sky and to the left…

Apart from that, because the shell doesn’t have an actual ballistic trajectory, it would be good to have a level indicator like in an aircraft that would tell us whether we are positioned horizontally or slightly up or down on a slope, because when calculating range in this thing, it matters whether target location is lower or higher than your position.

Gaijin stated this years ago based on both the reload and the explosive load, but they decided to take reduce both of these for the sake of making the vehicle workable in game.

What I specifically disagreed on with the person I quotes is the 20-50 meter explosive radius he mentioned. 250kg bombs in game aren’t effective at those ranges, so I don’t understand why he’d assume the Sturmtiger should be able to kill lightly armoured targets at such ranges by hitting the ground.
If anything I am quite glad that they weakened the vehicle compared to what it’s like irl, because now it actually somewhat fits the game. The liberties Gaijin took should be appreciated because they allow the vehicle to exist in the first place.

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Yes, but they didn’t say from what value to what value when it comes to reload rate and people bring it back stating that they lowered it from those 10 or 20 minutes, so in comparison to 40 or 50 second reload people argue they already reduced the reload 10 times, and devs never stated that.

I feel like the bombs actually did have those huge ranges in air modes against AIs when the event for it was live, but while people didn’t yet have it, they fixed that before we could use it.

You are right when it comes to this matching it to a bomb, but I think since it’s 125 kg of amatol, it matches the 500 lb bomb that has 124 kg of composition B having the effect of 162 kg of TNT, and I remember a lot of those in american tree were marked as amatol before with similar power increase as now.

Anyway 500 lb bomb has 9 meters of destruction of the vehicle (100% of killing any tank) and 126 meters dispersion radius of fragments, and I believe this is what he is talking about - this did change some time ago, that both AVRE hesh, 4005 and sturmtiger’s round don’t have the same effect from a close range on light and open top vehicles as they have before, and something is screwed up in a way that sometimes you can even have sturmtiger shell explode right on the light tank and not kill it. But I would talk about figuring out what the bug is rather than buffing the shell, because definitely something did happen that often those huge HE rounds don’t do much more than simple 150-155mm ones.

Example of the issue with the sturmtiger rocket explosion:

Sometimes the direct hit target is barely getting damaged while targets that are further away are completely destroyed. I had it at least two times that I hit a light tank directly at the front of hull/turret and a heavy tank standing behind with similar distance like here got killed.

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That does not offset the fact that it remains nerfed in other important areas:

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This is crazy. If you are maining a sturmtiger, then that is your problem. Event vehicles aren’t meant to be amazing and definitely aren’t meant to kill light/unarmoured vehicles at 50 METERS

You’re not the one to judge which vehicles should or shouldn’t be fixed or are or aren’t meant to be amazing or poor. If any vehicle has issues that come from improper/non historical implementation, there should be an attempt to fix that regardless of this being an event vehicle or premium or tech tree one, so hold your horses here.

If vehicle/weapon system would be too overpowered by making it realistic, then it either means the vehicle doesn’t fit the game meta mechanically and shouldn’t have been added int the first place, or it should go up in BR naturally through the statistics which happens all the time with BR updates.

When it comes to the reload - I believe it could have been implemented semi-historically in a way that first reload comes from the ramming bed as a ready rack that is the fastest reload, then every reload from lower rack on the side takes more time because cranking the crane upward is probably what would take the longest time. It could be something like 40 seconds of ramming into the gun and gun elevation shenanigans, like it is now, but then you have additional ready rack ammo replenishing that takes 20 seconds + 20 seconds per each lower shelve.

It could work like that, but it’d get complicated, and there are a lot of other mechanics in the game that are shortening the time of something happening, like loading the rounds into the tank, repairing engine on tracks etc. Because this is such generally long reload vehicle, I don’t think it’s a problem in context of this game that the reload time is based on how much time it takes to reload from the ready rack or top-most rocket shelves.

As for the 50 meters - the OP talked about the DAMAGE RADIUS and not 100% KILL RADIUS, and he’s actually right - there should be some shrapnel damage to light vehicles, but it seems to not be consistent, and like I said before - there’s generally a problem with large calibre HE rounds in the game right now, so maybe investigating and fixing that issue could be a start before we state that this specific shell should be nerfed or buffed.

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Just like how most vehicles can repair their engines in 30 seconds when irl it would take ages. This is a video game. Anyway i still don’t support the sturmtiger buff, its a great vehicle without any buffing.

Sturmtiger is unique, therefore it needs different changes than other vehicles to make it playable in a video game.

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Yet the sturmtiger is absolutely amazing. I have done 5 kills with one rocket once. I can kill things from behind my own cover, or kill someone who is behind their cover. Great vehicle.

Really does not even need that extra armor at it’s BR.

I’m not the one who said that though - you miss-quoted me, this quote is from @MistaFin

Weird, since the automatic quoting feature says ‘‘saperPL’’. Might be a glitch.

You have to quote it from the original post, if you quote it from someone who quoted it, it’ll make the quote as it was from the post you quoted it from, not from the original one. Yes, new forums engine is a quality technology…

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I don’t know about this. I think maybe they could do so and move it up but regardless most vehicles in the game are not truly accurate to their real-life counterparts.

Well, it’s a game so it can’t be 100% realistic, but there should be some level ground for all vehicles where we assume what should adhere to historical stats of a vehicle. Thinning the armour for balance or making the shell more potent, or making the aiming system really hard just for the balance purpose while other vehicles are ergonomic and representative for their real-life counterparts, just makes it so that we can’t be sure whether an even vehicle is worth the grind. If there is no promise of fixing things that don’t deliver their expected performance, then the event vehicles may be only for collectors…

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