Stupid operate on l2a7v

Leopard2A7Vs hull is weaken than strv122 s that is stupid, many players have provided evidence to confirm that the hull of l2a7v is same with strv122, but gaijin donT believe it. Why? Gaijin want player play Sweden so they take a dispicable steps: weaken the equipment the German have You want me play Sweden ,hhh,i will not! I will retreat the game. Not only me but also my younger male schoolmate.I will attack gaijin and WT in the school Gamer communication groups. If someone want to play the warthunder i will stop them and tell them what you do. My playmates and i will try our best to let people know how stuipid and domineering you are. We have uninstall the warthunder.And now i just want gaijin bankruptcy. I know you have lost in Enlisted, Star conflict is half dead if you lost warthunder, hhhhh,im glad to see that day!
From now i dont want to make warthunder to be a good game we will try our best to let you bankruptcy.
Many company have coveted the market that warthunder taken for a long time.
Let us wait and see…

Bro just stop they are gonna use ppl like you as examples to make more bad decisions, and anyways they probably don’t care. Like at all.

Man all the Swedish domestic leos have L44s and the Finish 2A6 is just a 2A6. Yall get better guns, we get better armor. Its not rocket science

The arrogant some pigs are like this, otherwise they would not still be in a stalemate with Ukraine, which is many times smaller in area. :)They only want to believe what they believe, which is very interesting