Stuh 42 G

Question ?
How the hell can a 105 MM APHE shell not kill or damage a Swedish AAA truck at close range but just bounces ?

Shoot again.

Gaijin moment most likely. Did it bounce off the truck?

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yes i had the green marker fired and nothing and he shot me full of apc shells damaged my barrel game over after that

Are you sure it wasn’t an overpenetration? Lorries in this game are notorious for not fusing HE fillers


no i saw it hit and bounce off i was less than 50 yds away and with a 10s reload what chance do you have with no MG . Nearly all stugs had an Mg later on in the war for defence

APHE needs a minimum amount of armor for the fuse to work, it likely just passed through without fusing.

Use the HEAT instead.