Stuck in loaidng modes and stuck loading screen in Indonesia Country

I’m a WT player from Indonesia and I’ve been experiencing stuck loading modes for the past few days. I can’t play WT if I don’t use VPN. Help me, Gaijin.

Can you share some screen shots?

Recently a submarine cable near Singapore broke. Because of that many countries in the SEA region are facing some latency related issues.

Restart your game. If it still doesn’t work then its related with the issue I have mentioned previously.

So how does Gaijin solve this? I can’t keep using VPN all the time

Dont use VPN. Its against the rules, you could get a ban for using VPN.

Since you were/are using VPN I would recommend you to check your network settings. Maybe something got changed there

I have been experiencing this since several days.

Can you do a latency test?

I don’t use VPN anymore because the VPN I use is a free trial

Try a latency test and check your firewall settings

If the latency is above usual then its probably related with your Internet connection.

Same exact problem here man im from Indonesia aswell, cant play WT for 4 DAYS i think the WT server in asia or specifically in indonesia is down i hope they fix it really really soon.

trust me man u dont know how many times ive been restarting my game for the past 4 days, i think Gaijin is telling me to touch grass ;(

Yes me too, I think this is caused by the broken underwater internet cable