Stuart VI: Lend lease Success

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Hi everyone, today i would like to suggest another lend lease tank for the british tech tree, The M5A1 or as it was known in British service the Stuart VI. Players of the game should be no stranger to this tank, as it is currently present in several tech trees in game, though not currently in the british tech tree, even though they received over 1000 examples of the tank, which was used as cruiser tanks in the british army and other commonwealth nations such as canada. Because of the wide use of the tank i feel it is fitting to suggest it for the british tech tree :).png β€œ:)”)

British Stuart Mk.VI in the Netherlands, Operation Market Garden, fall 1944.


The tank museum does a comprehensive video on this tank, but it is worth nothing that britian received 1131 British Stuart Mark VI though lend lease. These tanks saw extensive service in the last stages of the desert campaign (fall 1942, 2nd El Alamein battle, Tunisian campaign) where they then went on to join the invasion force during Operation Husky (Sicily) and Italy thereafter. Some M5 Stuart Recce armored transports and command Stuart Kangaroos were also seen in action under the British flag, and were interesting modifications that transformed the tanks into more utility orientated vehicles. The video in the source section gives a more comprehensive overview of the tank as ussual Fletcher does an exceptional job sumerizing a historic vehicle.

Historical photos:

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British Stuart VI Germany April 13, 1945 | World War Photos

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These images show Stuart VI belonging to the Irish Guards Stuart’s just south of Caumont during the Normandy campaign



Vehicle specification:


It is worth noting that some Stuart Mk VI in the normandy campaign where equipt with smoke dischargers/ bomb throwers for clearing hedge rows, which may be a fun way to differentiate them from the stuarts currently in game, by equiping them with a smoke grenade upgrade mod or bomb thrower if they so choose to do so.




Yes but squadron or premium, +1

Imo its important we maintian diversity unless a tech tree hole is unfilliable

As long as its represented i would be happy, seeing as like with a lot of lend-lease stuff we were the biggest operator of or second biggest after the Americans

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