STRVs Sweden Top Tier is OP - Nerf Sweden or Buff everyone

Yeah Sweden top tier ground is stacked and OP.

The best MBTs in the game, ALL THREE STRVS get new buff with spall liners all over the tank. The MBT with the best armor, best spall liner, best round in the game, and great mobility, all now x3! Comon man this is common sense.
+Add that, they now have brand new Grippin CAS is so deadly.
+Amazing SPAA.
+Great light vehicles
+Great helicopters

This country has no longer any weakness or compromise to where it makes any sense that other countries have to make this “Balance” compromise.

eah, this is OP compared to everyone else. Gaijin denies US tanks a buff but gives Sweden (with already the best MBT in the game) a buff FOR ALL THREE STRVS, not just the new top-tier tank, no, they give the 3 strvs it.


One don’t need to call for a nerf to Sweden but buff for others


Why don’t just say nerf everything that better than Russia instead and be done with it?


I agree that Sweden has some of the best MBT’s in game. But nations like American although not the best tanks compensate heavily on the fact they have a plethora of other amazing vehicles at their disposal such as the f16c, ADATS, ah-1z.

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I agree with them having a great top tier line up however they definitely dont have the best round, its mediocre, and the mobility is slow in acceleration/transmission. Yes they have great armor as in real life but having all three of your proposed abilities better then anyone else is false.
The Gripen is one of the best top tier fighters now but they will most likely add airplanes that can counter it in the near future.


T90m is a 1 shot kill in many spots that are not too difficult to hit. Mostly the same ones you would 1 shot any other russian tank. Very diffrent situation from strv.

Swedish main?

Lol ok ark boi. Well i don’t have a bias for any nation so no idea where your nonsense has here.

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I have the t90m. Hes right. Its nearly unkillable. Lmao.

I think you also need to play more to see that it actually has many 1 shot kill spots. T90 is no where near as survivable as strv. T90m front shot under driver hots ammo 1 shot. Driver window hatch 1 shot. Side of t90m low center shot hits ammo 1 shot. Mostly the same exact weakpoints the other russians have. Strv does not have these weak spots. It has much more spall liner than the t90m protecting all 4 crew and ammo. it also doesn’t have 1 shot weak spots from front or side. Also have 4 crew members. You also get 3 strvs and only 1 t90m, but you do get bvm that has gaijin spall liner lol. Not to mention reverse speed is non existant on the t90 or bvm compaired to strv.

You have 64 games in all of this last week, connected 4 days ago. Play some more T90m and youll see it isnt OP.

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I feel like anyone bitching about the 122s either doesn’t realise that the 122s are generally played by competent people, or are just upset that they can’t lolpen them. They have a terrible round for toptier, are generally lacking in mobility, but have good armour. If you’re at all intelligent, you just shoot the breech and take most of the crew.

Same shit’s happening with Gripen. Sweden players are generally better than others, or consist of those who know how to use what they’re given, and now people bitch to nerf it.


They already Nerfed the Gripen to the ground…

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You do realize you can just shoot the turret neck and its likely to 1 shot or disable them, dont you? "Ohhhh noooo! The only western tank that has armor thats STILL UNDERPERFORMING compared to its irl counterpart happens to be able to counter the t90m in the hands of a competent player, and doesnt instantly die in one shot like its made from sone kids arts and crafts project and held together by popsicle sticks and glue? I have to aim and hit more than one shot and aim for a disabling shot? OHH THE HUMANITY!!! even as a diehard russian main . Thats laughable.

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Due to spall liner lower plate shots on the t90m are completely unreliable and the armor carousel will often deflect the round from the ammo. Not a one shot. Sideshots will miss the ammo almost 100 percent of the time and in some areas side shots do 0 damage to the t90m. Not a oneshot. The drivers port is the only real weakspot. However if you wiggle in it while being aimed at like i do, its utterly impossible to hit any weakspot on it. The t90m is op. Not surprising tho, it is a russian biased game. Just look at the winrates lmaoo.

Damn right. And this is from a russian main. Trust me, lmaoo our hands are held through the entire game🤣

They just need to fix models and balance vehicles additions. Them giving Sweden special treatment for monetization is just ruining the game.


Your going about it as if i am bias to a nation. Im not bias to any nation. I have several top tier nations. Judging by how your talking and the amount of games (low amount) that you have played since this update I dont think you know as much as you think you do. Lol

Wiggle he says. Yeah you can wiggle to make the shot harder but but we are talking about if the round hits a certian spot how its certain death compaired to one another and how strv is much more relaiable and survivable than any other tank in the game. Even your “invincible t90m” (although its actually pretty easy to kill)

Side shots on t90m will miss unless they hit low and center and explode the ammo in one shot. Strv does not have that issue. Low driver shot on t90m hits the driver and then ammo and explodes as well. Strv does not. Strv will actually lose 1 crew hit engine and then procees to shoot you with the remaining 3 crewman before you can ever relaod your next round.

Also add that the t90 has no reverse lol. Just shoot the barrel and its a sitting duck. Just 3 crew in t90 and 2 of them basicly are sitting on the ammunition. Strv has great mobility, spall liner protecting each crew member, protecting driver and ammunition. Its very very difficult to one shot, heck its difficilt to even stop it from being able to shoot yoi before you reload the next round. Add to that you get three strvs with this layout of protection. The T90m is much easier to kill dude. I have hundreds of games since update. Sorry “im a russian main guy- my tank is un killable”. But its the truth.
Dont think you have played enough since update, stats can confirm.

The strvs are the best tanks in the game, not becouse they are used by good players but becouse of the armor layout combined with good mobility and you get 3 of them! You say an strv has bad mobility try using a t90m lol. Strv can move and get you out of any situation. Same as the grippin, they are not great only becouse the pilots are great, its because the grippin is also perfoming very very good. Because they can literally run circles around everyone else with the same level of pilot.
3 strv has the highest survivability currently in the game since all three mbts have been givin the new spall liner mechanic wile the rest at best have been givin one and most have been givin non of this mechanic. “Upset that we cant lolpen?” Why should only one nation have this super power wile the rest all blow up instantly?

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Maybe its nots swedens fault. The real issue is gaijin ignoring the community buffing certain countries wile ignoring others. They dont want to put a higher br level although it makes complete sense. Air RB is still 16v16 at top tier. We spend so much time fighting eatchother but the truth is, gaijin is creating this divide and caos and is ignoring us once again.


Hi I Started To Open Topic But It Seems Same Like this one.
i never See STRV shoot twice in any MBT cuz It Easly Kill it from First Shoot ,
I have Last M1A2 SEP V2 with Latest APFSDS Round And I can’t pentrat STRV Turret From 90 degree from 50 Meter! , When STRV Shoot you From any Angel It Kill All of Your Crew ! Somthing not right With this Tank, its Ultra Super Over Powerd