Strv122A/B PLSS/B+ Missing DM53 and programmable HE ammo rounds

I wonder why nobody even mentioned that topic.

Since Strv 122 uses L/44 main gun which is able to use same ammo rounds as Leopard 2a5 (Strv 122 all variants main gun are optimized for use with all types of NATO ammunition.) I just want to ask gaijin:
“When they gonna add DM53 rounds for Swedish Strv 122’s?”
Not to mention about programmable HE rounds that Gaijin taken from them few years ago.

I bet some of you are gonna complain that sweden have the best Leopards in the game. So what? If they was able to use these ammo round they should get these too.
That’s just how history works.

Here’s some example from Ukraine war that confirm the topic that Strv 122’s using DM53.

And source: Ukraine’s Swedish Strv 122 Tanks Fire Better Armor-Penetrating Shells

Also a specs from one of the forum users:

A full specs and history:

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It’s just a discussion but sure, gonna do it bit later to just heard from mods that we don’t have enough confirmations.

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Okay, DM83 for the 2A7V in that case? It can fire it, and it would make it an absolute monster of a tank… but so what?

Case in point, what they’re “firing” isn’t the DM53 we have in the game, it’s DM53A1 with SCBD, aside from that the source is extremely low confidence. Germany was the only nation to have delivered those rounds, and it was done only for the Leopard 2A6s. On top of that, even if the ex-Swedish 122s do use DM53A1 in Ukraine, that does not mean the in-game ones will receive it - solely because they’re meant to represent the Swedish configuration, and Sweden does not use DM53A1 or DM11…

No, it cannot use DM11 (the programmable HE round), as the Strv 122 lacks the programmator module, at best you will be able it as a dumb HE round (as such you will not notice a single difference from whatever HE round 122 currently has in WT).


“Educate yourself a bit”.

I’m the reason why your Strv 122s aren’t stuck with bad gun-handling, so “educate yourself a bit”.

On the other hand, the “average german mains” have a reason to “cry”. Their 20+ year newer version is currently less armoured due to Gaijin’s idiocy, but you, who can only call on to “hurr durr german mains” as an argument wouldn’t know that, would you?


Just like it is your job to convince Gaijin of in-service Swedish Strv 122s using DM53A1, have you done that? No.

Also DM83 was firstly used on 2a7+

DM83 isn’t even in service yet? Nor does 2A7+ have the required cannon to use it, so what are you talking about?

so just stop crying over something that doesn’t including you at all.

Because what I’ve said is a fact? Ukraine using adhoc DM53A1 on their ex-Swedish MBTs isn’t a reason enough for in-game 122s to receive it, seeing as they’re meant to represent the vehicles in Swedish service, have you proven that Sweden uses DM53A1? No? Cool, end of story.


By who?

Sweden? Proof?

That’s what I am doing genshin kiddo.

My favourite, straight to insults because I disagreed.


I have, there’s no mention of DM53A1 there:

Can you point me to where DM53A1 is mentioned?



Why should you use them when your top tier round is basically better considering its spall is much more consistent?

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Because they don’t exist IRL. The SLSGR m/95 HE round exclusively uses the ÖFHKSAR m/95 fuze, which is a contact fuze. If it was programmable IRL, it would have been called ÖFHKTIDAR m/95 instead.


Because 3 better armored Leopard 2s arent enough, now they also want DM53? Sweden mains sure are something special…


Also worth nothing DM53 and SLPPRJ m/95 are basically equivalent lol


I would probably take SLPPRJ m/95 over DM53 considering the better spalling

Me too, but don’t tell that to the OP lolol

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@Shibi_Red sure the strv122 can fire it, but it never did in swedish service, DM53 is a nato compatible round any 120mm cannon can shoot it.

As it stands sweden never used DM53 and DM11 and as such should not receive them. If at any point the Ukrainain tree gets added sure give it strv122 with access to DM53, but not to sweden


Why would you? Its not even better than SLPPRJ M95

i am completly against the addition of an ukranian tree in the first place, it was me being sarcastical in the sense of it wont and shouldnt happen

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No idea why anyone here wants DM53 for either Strv 121 and/or 122.

The simple and logical thing to do is add slpprj m/95 to the 121 as it similarly to the 122 only ever was fielded with this round for wartime usage.

Neither the Strv 121, Strv 122A, or Strv 122B were ever going to war with DM13, DM23, or DM33.
Slpprj m/95 was the only APFSDS to be fielded in wartime, likewise slsgr m/95 was the only chemical round to be fielded in wartime.

In my opinion, give slpprj m/95 to the 121 and kick it up a notch in BR. Keep the Finnish 2A4 at its current BR with its anemic DM23 (which just opens the can of worms around it being high time for all Leo 2A4s to receive DM33…)

Before anyone tries anything, here is the official ammunition catalogue, 2001 issue, Swedish army, showing ONLY two live-service rounds available as permitted for usage in the 12,0 cm kan strv 121/kan strv 122:

Slsgr 95 and slpprj 95 being the only two rounds stocked and permitted for use.

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Any NATO smoothbore can fire it


yeah what i meaned xD