Strv m/42 EH,lago 1 ,Strv m/ 41 S-I Arcade

Why are these at 2.7 ?
Shells bounce left right and centre its pure luck you can kill anything .
Tin cans like this facing 3.0 , 3.3 , 3.7 with shells that damage like peas of an elephants backside .
Apart from the APCR which has no explosive capability the rest of the shells from all three tanks do nothing but bounce or deflect as for killing a tank you could be right on top of them to do that .
Your facing Pz ivF2s,churchill Mk 1 ,m4 105s,even t34s or kv2 total outgun and outclass from everywhere
Once again these vehicles should have a maximum BR nothing higher than 2.7 otherwise they’re just target practise

apcr ? Its APDS, and they usually do decent damage if you wait for optimal shot, aim and Fire. Strv m/42 is another can you have to get closer and flank the enemy to do maximum damage. and don’t use APHE unless you are 100% sure it will pen. use Smoke and get closer

yeah sorry wrong shell type

tonight i got hits on five vehicles including a chi ha kai ,panzer IV f-2 all they did was deflect or bounce or damage filter even though i had a good shot at all of them .id stand more chance of a kill with a bloody rock from a catapult

Thats why i spaded and got a talisman on the Spj its a blast from the kitchen shooting meatballs at your enemy. i bring it to 6.7 when i need SL since of the boost. even better at its tier since you can just shoot the front. That thing has a insane amount of armour for its tier really. you are immune to most small canons at distance and for the cherry on top 50cal proof

to be honest i thought the EH would be good to play but its shells are so weak they couldn’t kill a chi ha kai from the rock above A on Karelia facing the kai by the rocks at b.
its bloody annoying seeing them bounce time after time

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once you get the Pvkv III or Pvkv 43 you will find happiness.

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Pvkv III is equal to the Pvkv II in performance to its br

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The EH is very good, you just have to be aware of what it is.

It has excellent mobility, and your main selling point is its APHE. Grind for that is pain, however. Be aware that you have fairly good armor, just make sure to angle slightly and volumetric will help shells just not do anything to you.

It really is a wonderful tank, I am able to rack up 12 kill games fairly often.

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Same with the P40, both that and the m/42 EH have decent mobility and small profiles for mediums, while simultaneously having lower than average pen APHE that detonates like a nuke if you do pen, and trolly volumetric hell armor. I love them both, and they help establish to newer players early in the game that minor nations can also be OP seeing as a lot of newbies go in with the assumption that less prominent nations have bad vehicles.

Not really on the small profile for the EH…

They are a pretty good introduction to how minor nations work, though, especially as they have their quirks that make them different from major nation tanks.

I guess I only see it as smaller due to it being the primary Swedish medium tank until the 50s when other nations had much larger vehicles in service. Nonetheless, I still find myself using the m/42 more as a light tank than a brawler, because the 37mm on the m/41 and Lago just doesn’t do it for me at that BR.