Strv 81 vs Strv 101 APDS

Just curious as to why the APDS on the Strv 101 has less penetration than that of the Strv 81? Shouldn’t the Strv 101 APDS have more penetration since it has 1. higher velocity 2. more projectile mass and 3. larger caliber of the gun?

They are 2 different types.
The 17 pdr is a tungsten carbide APDS. That type has a lot of flat pen but awful angle pen, and it shatters on spaced armor (or even on single layer armor too).

The 105mm L7 APDS (and all of it’s versions) is tungsten alloy. It has less flat pen, but has much more angle pen, more damage, and shatters very rarely if it shatters at all.

Alloy APDS is more modern, and better.

Most of the 105mm APDS are actually carbid penetrators with alloy cap IRL, but in game they are basically threated as full alloy penetrators.

A list of alloy penetrators in game:
M392A2, M728, DM13 (105mm), Shot L28A1, Shot L15A3, slpprj m/61, slpprj m/66

List of carbide penetrators:
T297, 3BM-8, 3BM-11, 3BM-7, Shot Mk 3, Shot SV Mk 1, Shot L1G, Type 59 APDS, 3,7cm slpprj m/49, slpprj m/49 (57 and 75mm).


It’s a different design/generation of APDS.

The APDS projectiles for the 105 mm cannon were designed to have better performance against sloped armor, sacrificing penetration against flat armor in the process, while earlier APDS designs like those on the 83.4 mm cannon are basically improved APCR in real life.

Here, a penetration graph comparing the 105 mm APDS with 350 mm of flat penetration against the 83.4 mm APDS with 384 mm of flat penetration. Y axis is penetration value and X axis is the angle.

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And does that work in the Game or does it continue to be as inconsistent as the other APDS?

The graph I showed is in game penetration.

As i said, it is not just the flat pen that maters.

Yea its the whacky mechanics in the Game that do. feels just impossible to do anything with either of the two, it always does absolutely nothing post pen even when you directly hit a crew or ammo, often doesnt penetrate at all when it should - its the worst performing tank i have out of all the ones i played so far, even worse than 1:1 K/D in that thing

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What do you mean by “either of two”?

Strv 81 and Strv 101

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Ah okay.
Well i very liked the Cent Mk 10 (which is the same as the Strv 101), with 3.45 K/D and ~400 matches, while my K/D with the Mk 3 (same as the Strv 81) was bellow 2 (and almost all of my matches with the Mk 10 were done when it was the same BR as the Mk 3)