Strv 74, buncha errors


Should i make a report about these things?

  1. It has the commander binoculars from the centurion. would be more usable than the current Commander binoculars…
  2. It has a Commander turret override. from the centurion.
  3. It has a ACU in the back of the turret (I know ACUs aren’t a thing yet)
  4. Electrical turret traverse drive, capable of traversing the turret at
  5. It had a floor cover for the ammunition to protect the crew from the ammunition, and to provide a stable floor, this also covers the munition from shrapnel
  6. Wider tracks

I think the binoculars and wider tracks seems to be the only ones that could currently be implemented. I think internal armor and covers are generally not modeled or are invisible on the x-ray inspector for the vehicles they exist in, so it’s very hard to tell if they are in the game or not.

While you’re at it, there’s actually two versions of the Strv 74:
H-vagn: A pair of combined hydraulic gearboxes resulting in 4 forwards and 1 reverse gears. I’m unsure if it may have had two reverse gears since it used two gearboxes with a 2+1 config married together. The instruction book seems to indicate only one reverse gear for the vehicle so I’m going with that for now.
V-vagn: A mechanical gearbox with 5 forwards and 1 reverse gears.

The one in the game is some sort of mix I think, but with 6 forward gears if I recall correct.

Edit: They probably based the Strv 74 on the Strv m/42 TM which wasn’t used, based on the transmission-scheme from my comment below. The variants used was the TH and TV, hence the H- and V-subfixes.


It is likely they did what they usually do and went, eh must be one vehicle.

Speaking of, where is my other Strv 42 variants


You mean these Strv m/42’s? ^^

Source: Svenskt Pansar, 90 år av svensk stridsfordonsutveckling.


Yea, sure they arent really different but look at the german Panzers III in rank 1

I really hope they add the second one, wouldn’t really be so hard to do either.

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Found some proof that the entire commanders cupola binoculars rotates with the machinegun!

No, they did’nt. Look twice and than one more again…

I suggest you look at the man again, he rotates the MG, the Centurion based binocular port follows