Strv 122B+ has too little protection

The vehicle has clearly new frontal modules (based on 4th gen nanoceramics) but it offers only the same protection as the 122A/B, when the whole idea of the project was to up-armour the tank.

I made a bug report, but it got immediately closed because I couldn’t offer any absolute numbers.

The 122B+ prototype is based on the 2A4 Evolution and 4th generation AMAP armour, according to the sources I have. Does anyone know more about it than I? Has anything been uncovered in the A7V research?

I will never understand why Gaijin looks at something up-armoured and decides to implement the unimproved number (the only number they know for a fact to be WRONG) instead of some reasonable guess that’s better.


What I’m confused about is that the composites clearly extend to the lower plate as it a visibly homogenous block, but the extension in game is a 10mm structural steel shell thereby adding no noticeable protection whatsoever despite the package stated as being a overall increase in armour effectiveness and coverage.


They’ve gotta make sure the T-90M can still pen it easily