Strv 122B+ commander sight

The commander sight on the Strv 122B+ is way to obscured by the rolled up hatch cover. It covers about half of the view when aiming straight forward and covers it entirely when looking down which is very annoying. The model is identical to the 122A so I don’t see why the 122B+ blocks the view so much when the 122A doesn’t.

I attached some pictures to show this problem. It is incredibly annoying to get your entire view blocked when either going over a bump and especially when cresting a hill as that is where you want the commander sight the most.

First picture: Strv 122A looking forward

Second picture: Strv 122A looking down

Third picture: Strv 122B+ looking forward

Fourth picture: Strv 122B+ looking down

isnt the commander sight in the back? alot of tanks with sights have this issue.

This is the only tank I’ve noticed this on but granted, I have only played Sweden in top tier. But if that is the case then the Strv 122A should still look identical as they have the same periscope/commander sight and the same cover rolled up on the front of the gunner/commander hatch