Strv 122B+: A Tough Nut To Crack

In today’s blog, we’re excited to be talking about the Strv 122B+, which is a prototype of Sweden’s main battle tank that features further advanced armor while retaining all of the advantages of its predecessor. Meet this new tough nut to crack being added to the game in the upcoming “Air Superiority” major update!

Strv 122B+: An MBT for Sweden at Rank VIII


  • Improved armor protection.
  • Good mobility.
  • Fantastic APFSDS rounds.
Vehicle History

After the results of an analysis of the main threats to armored vehicles in modern combat was completed, specialists from Swedish company Åkers Krutbruk Protection AB, part of the IBD defense, proposed a modified version of the Strv 122B armor kit. During work, engineers were limited both by the maximum permissible dimensions and the maximum weight of a tank of no more than 65 tons for use on civilian infrastructure. The technology demonstrator was designated the Stridsvagn 122B Evolution, or Strv 122B+ for short. The IBG group of companies is developing reservation kits based on the Strv 122B+ concept for other armored vehicles, including the modernization of Leopard 2A4 tanks.

Meet the Strv 122B+!

Sweden’s ground forces tree will receive this brilliant top-tier tank, which will arrive at Rank VIII with the release of the upcoming major update, “Air Superiority”. The visual appearance of the Strv 122B+ remains virtually unchanged compared to its direct predecessor, the Strv 122B. The Strv 122B+ receives enhanced armor on the sides of the hull to protect against chemical munitions, this extra protection will be especially useful against ATGMs.

Onto the gun and range of available ammunition which remain the same. The licensed version of the Rheinmetall L/44 gun means you’ll be able to fire three types of formidable APFSDS ammunition: the DM23, DM33 and the top slpprj m/95 round! Coupled with a good reload time and excellent turret rotation speed, the Strv 122B+’s capabilities in any situation in battle are simply second to none. In addition to a fantastic weapon is a laser rangefinder and thermal imaging for the gunner and commander which come in very handy at longer engagements.

Download Wallpaper:

However, even a strong tank still has some shortcomings, which are inherited from the Strv 122B. This is the vulnerable spot around the turret ring, where penetration of this area generally leads to a detonation of the ammunition, as well as the inability to accurately aim the gun when it’s perched over the engine compartment. In terms of mobility, the Strv 122B+ is slightly inferior to other top tier tanks, however this isn’t much of a problem. This tank can easily maneuver around, copes well with off-road terrain and has great reverse speed, which means the overall mobility dynamics of the Strv 122B+ is considered good!

In your matches by Dmitry, Game Designer: “The Swedish research tree is my favorite in the game because of its wide variety and really interesting and unique vehicles. As with previous Strv 122’s, you’ll be able to count on the 122B+’s strong turret and UFP, and with the addition of more armor it’ll be even stronger. I recommend taking fights as much as you can where you’ll be able to take hits, but also make sure to use the slpprj m/95 APFSDS round that is great for dealing with T-80 tanks especially.”

You’ll be able to enjoy the Strv 122B+ as well as dozens of other new vehicles and other improvements in the upcoming “Air Superiority” major update, which we’re currently working on right now. Until then, keep an eye on our news and see you soon!

Kick-start your Swedish ground research with this starter pack:

Swedish Starter Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • Tank Strv m/41-S/I (Rank II, Sweden)
  • Fighter Fokker D.XXI (Rank II, Sweden)
  • Premium Account for 7 days
  • 120000 Silver Lions

You can greatly speed up the research of the Strv 122B+ with this pack:

CV 90105 XC-8 Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • CV 90105 XC-8 (Rank VII, Sweden)
  • Premium account for 15 days
  • 2000 Golden Eagles

Another tank blog… 🤢


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This is going to be awesome to play ^^ looking forward to the update!

This can’t be accurate can it? there is no ammunition close to the turret ring. do you mean that the round penetrates through to the ammo compartment and detonates that?

Idk blue one looked more fancy

I’m hoping the armor is not done yet on the dev server.
that “weak spot around the turret ring” is more like the entire upper front plate and 90% of the tanks side at the moment.
This is at 2km distance and with the Russian round 3BM60.

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Side immunity from 3BM60 is not going to happen, not on any significant level. Partly because it’s a high penetration round on an area generally vulnerable on all tanks, and two, you have to have a consideration for balance, no one gets a perfect representation of a vehicle without being balanced.

“sad but true” - NATO tanks have no side armor against something bigger than 23-30mm cannons.

What about the 2nd pic showing a penetration of UFP at 2000 meters?

It’s all dev server data for now, so I wouldn’t worry too much about anything. But to expect a nation’s top round to not penetrate the entirety of the side of a Strv, at all, is outlandish.

Oh yeah, definitely agree with respect to the side armor

His additional armor looks wrong. The armor at the rear of the turret should not be tapered inwardly.

i don’t actually have any data to go on but it feels weird that all that extra armor does nothing in terms of protection at 2km distance.

This vehicle should have improved protection everywhere, right? Even the glacis?

The pictures of the prototype clearly show that the front consists of newly made (dark green) pieces, replacing the original parts. Look at the rear side of the vehicle to see the original dusty and camouflaged finish.

Jokes on you, Gajin decided to nerf the Armor value of the UFP plate


Where did you see that?

Leopard 2A7V research. Our desperation ended in us digging into datamines ourself to find out what the HECK gajin is doing to the vehicles…

For your intrest this is current Leo 2A7V, in gajins eyes a 2 Year old tank is worse then the Strv122 and gave it 30year old B-tech armor…


That is weird, the only thing i have seen so far is this:
Screenshot 2023-12-11 210519

making it go from 0.6 to 1.25 on the external parts.
is the datamine you showed from the most recent patch?

Newest Dev server version

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I made a bug report regarding the fact that the clearly new frontal modules (based on 4th gen nanoceramics) only offer the same protection as the 122A/B, when the whole idea of the project was to up-armour the tank.

Obviously there are no specific thickness numbers that I know of. Does anybody know more about the “2A4 Evolution” which has similar technology, or which german variants share that kind of tech?