Strv 122A and Strvv 122 B PLSS

Question about the Swedish Strvv-122 series consider on WT wiki it has paper armor but compared with the extra layers are give it extra protection which angle make it the perfect shot for instant one kill in frontal the Strv 122 series?

No tank is invulnerable

I’m not sure what Strv 122s you’re playing, but the Strv 122s easily have the most standout armor of any top tier tanks in the game.

I’m not playing Swedish top tier yet and still grinding and I encounter a lot of these tanks lately in top tier battles and I’m wondering how to counter it.

It’s very hard to. The only real way to consistently do it from the front is the left side of the lower plate or the breach. The upper plate cannot be reliably penetrated. You can use the protection analysis in the hangar and its protection map feature to test different arounds against it.

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I tried but protection anyalysis in hanger don’t project shooting behind cover or hull down.

If an Strv 122 is hull down, it’s nearly impossible to kill it unless you hit the breach or the shot trap in the turret ring.

That change is likely difficult when in the heat of battle where you face multiple tanks.

It’s not the easiest shot to hit, but it’s doable.

Strvs and 2A7s share the same weakspots frontally.

Those being:

  • Turret ring, which can be penetrated even with 25mm autocannon
  • gun mantlet
  • lower frontal plate
  • drivers optics, hits here usually result in one hit kill since 3 crew members sit in conga line behind them
  • if you are driving tank with powerfull HE shell, then commander optics, explosion will rip through roof armor

If strv/2A7 is encountered in a hulldown, its best to avoid it unless you can hit its gun breech and force it to retreat.


Thank you bro, thank your angswer you help me so much :))