Strv 121B "Christian II"

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Hello, today I would like to suggest a vehicle we are all familiar with. The Strv121B “Christian II”. Yes, the Swedish 2A4, but with a new blend the Swedish made.


GALIX smoke discharger on the Strv 121B “Christian II”


Sweden’s armor was starting to age with their S-tanks. In 1991, Sweden decided to trial tanks to see which tank would replace their aging fleet. (M1A2, Leclerc, Leopard 2 Improved). Sweden’s attempt to make their own new MBT called Strv 2000 was canceled due to cost and the fall of the soviet union. And we already know who won this trial. Before the Strv 122 was decided, they were testing a stopgap tank that would be in service for Sweden. There was different trial that tested Leopard 2A4 and M1A1 simultaneously developing the Strv2000. The result of that was the 2A4 winning, which we now know as the Strv121. Sweden ordered a total of 160 Strv121 for rent in 1994 until they received their new Strv122.

The Strv 121 was in service for around 15 years with Sweden and during its time of service. Sweden decided to update one of its Strv121 to Strv122 standards for financial reasons. The Strv 121A is the base Strv 121 we have in-game. It’s just the basic Leopard 2A4. The one I’m suggesting is the Strv 121B, which also had a nickname “Christian II”. The Strv 121B externally has the same GALIX smoke discharger we see on the Strv 122, rear view camera that were standardized for all Leopard 2A5 an on, a cover for the bustle on the back of the turret, and it had its tail lights pushed up inside the rear grille. Internally it had the same electronics as the Strv 122 and was given the same electrical turret drive and command system.


Rear view of Strv 121B (Model Kit)


Rear view of Leopard 2A4

Only one was made as an attempt. But quickly canceled due to it not being worth the effort to upgrade their Strv 121s when they are getting Strv 122s


Main armament: Rh-120 L/44 120 mm smoothbore gun

Secondary gun: 7.62 mm ksp 94

Length: 9.67 m

Width: 3.7 m

Height: 2.79 m

Weight: 55.2 t

Engine: MTU MB 873 Ka-501 Liquid-cooled V12 twin-turbo diesel engine( 1100kW@2600 RPM)

Maximum Speed: 72 km/h (43mph)

crew: 4



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Supposedly it was called “Christian” because it was covered in holy water that countered Stalinium shells and the ammo was also temporarily submerged to increase their penetration

I can feel the premium tag from gaijin


And you would be right XD


Don’t think anyone is surprised nor angry. The last thing the Swedish researchable tech tree needs is another Leopard 2A4. What they did need though was a top tier MBT premium. Good to see it.


especially since it adds nothing


I guess I have to go Pre-Order it now

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same lmao

Congrats on your suggestion m8!

Realistically they should be moved to the implemented area of the suggestions…

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I mean it’s got a camo net, which was enough for the PzBtl 123 to be added

Meanwhile, all Leopard 2A4s still lack the DM33, one of the most frequently used shells during their service in the Bundewehr. And for the Leopard 2A4HU, it should potentially be DM43 or 53 or even 63.

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Was excited, then I saw it was a premium, good thing I’m going to buy it anyway. Actually, I lied, I’m gonna wait for a sale.


well its a pre-order so its not going to stick around

so mods are still busy?

As a pack vehicle?

No like the Norwegian artillery thing

But the VIdAr was a pre-purchase as well, and it’s still available though, but maybe, idk.

is it?

AFAIK it was pre-order, like all packs before they release.

If you buy it during preorder you usually get some bonuses like a title and a decal but obviously it stays available after the patch drop, you’ll just miss said bonuses.