STRV 103-C Fuel Cans

The STRV 103-C Fuel cans are not properly disabling tank rounds (as they did IRL and their design and placement dictated.

Easy to reproduce simply shoot a tank round from a T-55 into the ammo cans at any angle, and they do not perform their function. (Funny enough russian tanks eat tank rounds for dinner) showing that they are not modeled correctly.

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How do you supposed they should stop ammunition? Fire APFSDS at anything and it will go through with ease, and HEAT has little to no effect when hitting very small pockets of fuel or liquid.

I mean, it’s not “little” it’s like (sorry for American measurement) about 10inches of fuel, it should eat HEAT/HEAT-FS, just not as well as the exterior fuel tanks on the side’s, it’s purely because they aren’t modeled as fuel tanks, but rather 5mm of “structural steel”