Struggling with the BMP-2M

Hello all. I’ve recently just researched and got the BMP-2M with SL and I’ve been struggling a lot with it. And yes, I don’t have a lineup for it. I don’t have any experience in top tier (with me being at only level 29), and it doesn’t help that stock BMP-2M isn’t very amazing. I’ve looked up ways to play this vehicle effectively but even when I do them, I fail. I’ve tried to use the BMP as a support for MBTs, but the stock ammo for the 30mm isn’t great so I have to rely on the ATGMs. The ATGMs themselves are amazing, but their speed is far slower than that of a shot from a cannon. I am aware that I am not a good preforming player in War Thunder, but I really do want to get better at this game. Could anyone tell me what to do with this thing while it’s stock? Thanks.

That will be your greatest enemy here, because the guys you fight probably do have this experience.

The BMP-2M is not bad, and has some cool advantages, but I don’t think it’s a “beginners vehicle” for high tier.

My recommendation would be to gain more experience first in the game, and only slowly ease into higher tiers WITHOUT taking shortcuts and jumping over tiers. This will save you a lot of frustration, i would expect…