STROP II, Czechmate aircraft

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  • 9.3
  • 9.7
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  • 10.7
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  • Stock with 2x Strela-2Ms and researchable 4x Iglas
  • Stock with 2x Strela-2Ms without researchable 4x Iglas
  • Stock with 4x Iglas
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  • A Czechoslovak TT
  • A Viségrad TT
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Today I give you a interesting SPAA developed originally by the Czechoslovak People’s Army in the 80s to replace their now outdated M53/59 Praga SPAA with a modern system utilizing anti-air missiles and a single mount 2A38 Double barreled autocannon that is seen on the 2S6 Tunguska, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic decided to develop a new weapon independently under the new name STROP (CEILING) and originally considered modernizing the M53/59 Praga or developing a system with a domestic cannon however would eventually decide on utilizing the 2A38 double-barreled autocannon, a prototype vehicle put together in 1982 to test the FCS for the STROP which utilized PRUS I and II devices(passive radar protractor system) and optical components (included laser rangefinder, television camera and optical sight) the vehicle was called STROP I and took the chassis of a BMP-1 with the weapon system from the M53/59 Praga(might end up making a suggestion for this vehicle as well if I can find enough information on it).
The tests turned out well so development of a serial version which would be called STROP II was approved this version would mount the Soviet 2A38 and 2 Strela-2Ms. The main researchers of the project were the military research institutes from Slavicín, Prague and Brno, but later the whole project was transferred to Konstruktta Trencín, and later the project would incorporate auto manufacturing companies among which the Koprivnice Tatra played a special role in the project by providing the 8x8 Tatra T815 chassis for the early development version in 1986 which was the same chassis as the vz.77 DANA 155mm SPG which simplified logistics but during the development it also brought problems, especially concerning the mechanisms for fast and accurate movement of a heavy and large turret, despite this development would continue until 1989 after the splitting of the Czechoslovak People’s Republic into the Czech republic and Slovak republic in which the development would continue under Slovakia and they would modify the STROP II system by removing the 2 Strela-2Ms and replacing them with 2 double Igla launchers on the turret for a total of 4 ready to fire Iglas and development of the entire system would be completed in 1996 and would be tested by the Slovak army but would not be adopted for service, today the Czech prototype sits in the Military Technical Museum in Lešany.


  1. Main Armament
  • 2A38 30mm Double-barreled autocannon(1400rds carried 560 in ready position inside turret with remaining 840rds in 3 containers on the truck chassis)
  • -5° - 85° elevation angles

2.Secondary Armament

  • 2x Strela-2Ms mounted with one on each side of turret
  • (potential researchable mod/stock) 4 Igla launchers in a double 2x launcher set on the rear right side of the turret
  • 0° - 70° of elevation(both setups)
  1. Tertiary Armament
  • Co-ax mounted PKT 7.62 MG with 2000rds

Mobility Specifications:

  1. Engine: Tatra T3-930-52 355hp 730ft-lb
  2. Top Speed: 100km/h or 62m/h
  3. Combat Weight: 27,100kg/59745lbs/26.6t

Crew Specifications:

  1. Crew - 4 (Driver, Commander, gunner, and loader) Commander can fire the gun and missiles

I hope everyone finds this vehicle interesting and if you have more information than I do then please share so I can add to the suggestion



Strela-2Ms ^
Iglas ^


  1. 30mm STROP SPAAG
  2. SVK - BRAMS : Other
    3.CZK - STROP II : Other

The configuration with 4 Iglas is wrong. More precisely the BRAMS is completly different vehicle equiped with very different sensors and targeting equipment.
While the BRAMS is further development of the STROP II, it very crutially lacks the the radar equipment of the STROP II. So if both were to be implemented it should be as 2 separate vehicles.

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Oh ok I I didn’t realize this thank you!

Thats ok, there isn´t much technical info on Strop II and even less on BRAMS. And while they have very different sensor equipment the armament part is basically the same so it is easy to miss the differences.

If we would see Czechoslovakia/ Visegrad TT one day in game. Both STROP II and BRAMS could be in TT but in Folder. BRAMS being upgraded would probably be like 0.3 BR higher but i think it would be wort researching it.

I wouldn’t say that BRAMS is upgrade. While it has better missiles it notably lacks any radar equipment which I would consider major downside.

I just need to point out its kind of nuts the majority want this at 9.3/9.7 when the LAVAD is 10.0, am i missing something?

Absolutely would love a Visegrad TT though

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Hmmm…i see. Hmm but now which one would be better for game

The STROP II is much much bigger and heavier then the LAV-AD so the mobility is much worse. Also it only gets 2 missile launchers with maximum of 6 missiles. The LAV-AD is higher mainly because it can also equip Hydra rockes.

This is basically slightly worse Gepard 1A2 which has BR 9.7 so I would say 9.3 is quite apropriate.

@TyrantrumGamingB where did you find the source claiming the STROP II has Strela-2M? Since the czech sources claim it used Igla-1 (9K310)


Hmmm…i see. Hmm but now which one would be better for game

I think STROP II would be more versatile since it actually has “radar” equipment. To locate enemy aircrafts.

I may have misread the first source that I listed somehow cause I see it mention having Iglas at the start of the article but also nearer to the end “After the division of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia continued development, which modified the STROP II to a version called BRAMS, which had a different fire control system and instead of Strela-2M missiles received four more modern Igla missiles”

But the LAVAD also has no radar, at all, and i think Hydra misiles shouldnt be considered as a BR multiplier, you lose half the stingers

Definitely should be in-game. I think the best implementation would be a Visegrad Tree. +1


Yes…would be so amazing to see a Visegrad TT. Czechoslovakia (Czechia and Slovakia), Poland…don’t know about Hungary as many vehicles are in Italy TT. And why not to add Yugoslavia and Ukraine as a sub-TT to them.

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+1 would love to see it in Czechoslovakian or Visegrad TT

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