Strikemaster Weapons

Perhaps someone working for Gaijin could weigh in here, but why does the Strikemaster - explictly identified as an RNZAF Strikemaster Mk.88 - have weapons that the RNZAF didn’t have when operating the Strikemaster?

I’m specifically referring to the assorted UK bombs, and the SURA and SNEB rockets - none of which were in RNZAF service at the time, owing to the fact that by then the RNZAF was almost exclusively using US-made weapons, courtesy of the A-4K Skyhawk and P-3B Orion entering RNZAF service two and six years before the Strikemaster, respectively (1970 and 1966).

At the same time, why is it also missing weapons that the aircraft was fitted with in RNZAF service?

Note: I’m ignoring the AIM-9G in the room for BR reasons.

There are images - all of which are from the RNZAF - showing the Strikemaster fitted with things like:

250 lb Mk 81 bombs, in both lo-drag and hi-drag configurations (RNZAF Official, OhG9022-78 and OhG9024-78)

LAU-3 19-round rocket pods (RNZAF Official, OhG3394a-80)

LAU-5002 6-round CRV7 rocket pods (RNZAF Official, OhG2601-89)

So why is it missing all of those as payload options, when they’d make a lot more sense than things the RNZAF either didn’t have while the Strikemaster was in service, or never even purchased?


It is possible the payloads are still having some work done as its also missing the gunpods that were mentioed as being added.


Gaijin might be treating it as representative of all Strikemasters (as we are unlikely to get another one).

Alternatively they might be basing the weapons on what RNZAF Strikemasters were displayed with at air shows:

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Think it’s been stated the Strikemaster is representing all Strikemasters, hence the hodge podge of weapons its getting.

Bit of a necro but, any chance we could see the extra weapons the Kiwis put on (bar the AAM of course for obvious balance issues)?

Think it would be interesting to see more choices even if they might overlap a little with the current weapons, options are always nice. Would it have to be a suggestion thread or a report?

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