Strikemaster Mk88

Can I buy it without grinding?

If you wanna buy your way through the BP, sure

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Sure. Either buying battle pass and buying levels, or after a few months when it becomes available on the marketplace, with a price determined by demand/availability/greed


How much would it cost?

Assuming you don’t make any BP progress yourself from logins etc. It would total around 15,500GE to buy Enhanced Battle Pass for the first 15 levels then the 60 additional levels you would need to get to level 75 for the Strikemaster based on the pricing system described on the wiki
Will have to work out how much 15,500GE costs in your region since I don’t know the price of GE packs in anything other than £GBP

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Ok thanks

about 75 usd

£62 to buy the Strikemaster.

Thats actually not unreasonable given the fact you get 3 vehicles, a ton of decals and a bunch of other goodies

This is gonna be level 75 ? So no abteinable if you don’t pay ?

I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t, since it has the highest rank and BR of the three prizes. And seems to be the most desirable prize that is attracting the most interest.

Other times we’ve had a rank 3 ground vehicle and a rank 4 plane were “Smell of Victory” and “Firepower” (albeit the M64 from firepower was recently moved up to rank 4) and in both those seasons the plane (a strike aircraft) was the level 75 prize and the ground vehicle was the free level 51 prize.

Thanks, I’m new to battle pass, since this was the first time you could do it in Air SB. So I guess I’ll pass this time, since no interesting rewards for air players …

I’d try to grind it if you have time and want the vehicles.

Just logging in and completing daily task should be able to unlock it without too much trouble.