Strikemaster - Air RB

So I have had the strikemaster for a few days now, and I was wondering how its supposed to be played. In my experience so far, this jet has been quite enraging to play. Props outmaneuver you, outclimb you, out gun you. The only advantage it has is its dive speed, but if someone is on your six that doesn’t even matter.

So is there some trick I’m missing? I have tried both 2x and 4x gunpods. With air spawn it still struggles to get energy advantage.


Yea, it’s very difficult to just poop on a lobby with props in a jet that has the TW ratio of the F2 Sabre, is very maneuverable, and gets an airspawn. And you are doing just as well with it as you do with everything else you fly…

The only real weakness outside of its guns is that it isn’t very fast and has a low VNE for a jet, especially a modern one. So a P51H/F2G/F4U in a dive is absolutely going to catch you if it can keep its dive up long enough and you aren’t at its max speed. But you get speed and shallow climb to the enemy from spawn, there’s no way they are going to be above you on most maps.

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I can only recommend the following YTer! He makes something out of everything.

I have already learnt a lot from him. Thanks again for the hot tip @Uncle_J_Wick


Keep in mind that it is not a fighter. The main thing I find lacking is the belt for the guns. Only AP which really sucks.

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I will check that video out. Thank you.

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Dot, I may have had a few good games in it, but it seems to have turned sour…

Lol, it’s a MG. You cannot put enough explosives into tiny 7,62 mm bullets.

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OP, this plane is not supposed to be played - it is supposed to be sold on the Meerkat to someone who thinks it is somehow supposed to be played.

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I know. Some AP-I would be nice though. Or even just plain Incendiary.

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LOL I suppose you are right. It looks good on paper - like it should climb like a mig 15 (non-bis). But of course in practice it is not so good. If they would add tracer belts then perhaps it would become more viable.

The plane is fine, the pilots here are the issue.

Yeah. The plane itself is pretty good. I just find the guns lacking. Wonder why it only gets one belt, historical?

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Well I have good stats in it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is bad.

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Obligatory I have not unlocked it yet, but from my limited testing its actually incredibly cracked at turning. With 4 gundpods and minimum fuel, just holding the pitch up key gets me a turn rate of around 25 deg/sec at sea level. For comparison, a P-51H does 23, yak-3U does 23.8, LF mk 9 spit does around 25.

‘Historical’ went out the window the moment it got SNEBs and SURAs.