Strikemaster 88 gun pods missing?

Where are the gun pods?


Integrated in the wing roots.

The strikemaster can carry additional gunpods on the wings

I am guessing that there is a possibility (a slight possibility but a possibility none the less) that Gaijin may add multiple Strikemaster variants with different armament options

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They specifically stated this one has gun pods in the promotional material.

I do hope for your sake that they aren’t referring to the mounted wing root 7.7 feather ticklers as gunpods.

Those are the mounted guns.

It’s suppose to get 4x pods with 2x 7.62mms for a total of 10x 7.62mm.


The loadouts are still WIP.

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The 7.62mm gunpods have been added now


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That’s a lot of guns

is there chance we can receive incendary ammo on this? the 1.0 he51 have incendary in the belt