Stridsfordon 9025, the Cancelled Sidekick

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caid’s suggestion #126

I would like to suggest a vehicle that was in essence, a down-gunned version of the strf 9040, the strf 9025

The strf 9025 was the first development of the CV90 family, been planned to be in service alongside to the strf 9040 in the Swedish army, it was built and tested much before them, in 1986. The strf 9025 had a similar layout to the strf 9040 who was both vehicles designed in parallel to be the new Swedish IFV. The 25 in its name referred to the main armament of a 25mm M242 bushmaster auto-cannon. The turret features the same type of design and the electronics are the same as the strf 9040. The gun allowed it to carry more ammunition than the 40mm from the strf 9040 and would have been the main asset of the strf 9025. After an intensive trial of at least two strf 9025s and one strf 9040 out of 5 vehicles built from 1986 to 1988, the 25mm version which was ordered along with the 40mm version, but was later dropped in favor of only having the 40mm version be produced. The main reason was the much higher firepower provided by the 40mm gun while being able to do much of the same thing as the 25mm gun.

The armament is a 25mm that is familiar to many players, the M242 Bushmaster chaingun. It’s an auto-cannon that is featured on many other IFVs found in-game. The gun has a high fire rate of 200 rounds per minute. The ammo belt includes 300 rounds. There is no confirmation but some 1200 rounds total might be carried for it. There is also a LMG at the far left of the later turret to suppress the enemy. The turret was minimal and surely didn’t include a stabilizer since the strf 9040 originally didn’t have a stabilizer either. Still, it does include night vision, a laser rangefinder, and a fire control system. The elevation was at least -8° to +35° but could possibly be more (sources are needed). The rotation speed should be the same as the strf 9040 with 35° sec

The tank mobility will be pretty smooth, pretty similar to the strf 9040. Mounting the Scania DS14 14 liter diesel engine providing 550 hp, it will not lack power to move around. The tank also has the Perkins X300 automatic transmission. This transmission offers 4 forward speeds and 2 backward and includes a torque converter which gives this tank smooth mobility and a high speed forward and backward. The tank weighs 23 tonnes which is not bad for an IFV. This gives the tank a comfortable ratio of 24 hp/ton. Forward the tank will be capable of reaching 70 km/h and backward it will reach the speed of 46 km/h.

The protection of this tank is not a selling feature. The overall protection will be just okay for minimal damage such as LMGs, sharpnel, and sometimes an HMG too. However the protection stops there as a 20mm and anything above will easily penetrate the tank. The armor offers a decent slope and can reach up to 35mm. The tank is all made of rolled steel (RHA) and includes no composites. The turret can get an additional spare track on the front which could be eventually a modification to unlock. The turret features 12 smoke launchers which gives a good chance to cover the maneuver in difficult situations. The crew only includes 3 men but there is space to carry 8 men in the rear which could give a buffer for spalling. The engine has been placed at the front allowing for better protection.



Aww, he’s cute! +1

1+, I do wonder what br this would be at though, 6.0 - 7.0? Nevertheless it would be quite low, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

if we want to find the right BR for this tank before the addition, we can compare it to any similar vehicles

currently, there is the XM800T which is 7.7
this tank has a 20mm with APDS penetrating about 60mm at combat distance with a stabilizer and high fire rate (1000 rpm) and a pretty good mobility

the Strf 9025 has a penetration of 75mm at combat distance, lower mobile (while still pretty good), no stabilizer, and a decent fire rate.

the stabilizer and lower mobility make the difference but I would place this vehicle a bit lower BR than the XM800T but not too much lower.

currently, we should see how the XM800T fares and we will know. if it had a stabilizer it would surely get over 8.0

Lmao such a cute lil guy, and people complain about the 30-35mm pen haha, bet they’ll have fun with that one. +1!

Just as an addition, a picture of the pre-production Strf 9040, Strf 9025, and an IKV 91 chassis with a 40 mm test turret.



The IKV would also be a fun addition. It would be like a diet pepsi of the Strf 90.

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