Strf9040 Bill problem

In the most recent updates, gaijin nerfed top attack or ofta missiles (tow 2b, and bill 2) so that they guide in a way similar to other missiles. The problem strf9056 is facing is that it no longer functions properly when the tank is on an incline. Several patches ago I think gaijin removed 9056’s ability to adjust the vertical angle of the launchers. Which was not a hulking problem as the missiles were more or less inertia free and can immediately adjust their courses. But after the nerf, the missiles (when fired at an angle from the LOS) simply does not guide and would either crash into the ground or decide to turn itself into a blind rocket. I feel like gaijin should give the vertical drive back to the launchers so that they may work on inclines.


But then they would be viable, or even good. Jokes aside, either they are deliberately making them worse or they have no idea what theyre doing - both are equally bad. There is no reason to keep making bad changes all the time, do they need to fill a quota or something?


Most likely they have no idea what they are doing. they dont know about the strf9056’s launcher being able to move. so i doubt they know anything of what they are doing. honestly i really wish they would change leadership.


From what I’ve seen, it seems any Atgm that doesn’t spin is just unusable and pathetic in gaijoobles eyes. It’s dumb as heck man.


It’s actually quite ridiculous, the launcher has a launcher arm that does not involve in opening and folding the missile case. The hydraulic on the the arm is extended, meaning it can retract and aim down. And look at the second picture, they intentionally left a notch on the bottom left corner of the missile case. Why the f would the Sweds do that if not to leave space for the launcher to move vertically.


Unfortunately the CVs or stridsfordon 90 variants will never perform as intended or more towards a real life accuracy. Look at the latest CV9035 DK…so much missing.


whats missing?

Airburst ammunition AHEAD/KEFT, Laser warning system, DAS (Defensive aid suite), lower thermal radiation, lower engine noice, etc… and thats just for the 9035 DK, for the 9040’s we also got missing DAS, missing 3P or LK95 for ABM, the current ABM dont work as intended and misses alot, lower noice, much lower thermal radiation (they use SAAB baracuda and their hull is special made to conseal thermals), better engines, lacks armor (they can take 30 mm apsfds up front… i mean i can go on and on. It dont have to be 100% realistic but it should be closer to it