Strf 9040 UTAAS sighting

Instead of creating many many bug reports that keep getting closed without any sort of argument being allowed for our side, guess I’m forced to make it here

Here’s your video tracking

David Bowie if you have evidence to the contrary please provide but I’ve seen nothing from gaijin but poppycock

This is already more evidence provided than the 2S38 and BMP-2M combined


35 minutes automatic gun aiming as he kept sights on the target
Same way the RBS70 is meant to be used

33 minutes in where he says he doesn’t even need to touch the gunners controls


The 2015 CV9030N (ordered in 2012) based on the CV90 MK IIIb got the sight at the very least per the press statement from SAAB


To my knowledge there’s no difference between any UTAAS sights and they’re all exactly the same as no mention of any upgrade anywhere

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I’ll post evidence later (I don’t have it on this device) but only the lvkv 90 td had the irst tracking upgrade.

Edit: Evidence below

Both sources are from the swedish ministry of defence and both state that the IRST tracker was an upgrade added to the LVKV.

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Alright why not make it optical tracking?
It uses optical with thermals irl I do believe
The operator as shown in countless videos selects target type and selects target
Gun then automatically leads itself

In game you’re forced to lead it yourself so it’ll essentially be very very similar to the IRST on the Lvkv

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Because like every modern tank can do this and I don’t think gaijin wants to add it to every top tank in game. This isn’t unique to the cv90, hell even tanks without thermals can have automatic lead.

Difference between modern tanks and cv90 is that the CV90 is actually able to track more than ground targets as there is a difference between the two
The cv90 has programmable proximity shells which most mbts don’t
The cv90 is designed to also take out missiles (“robots”)

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Yeah and modern tanks can track low slow flying aircraft as well (limit is due to poor sight angles for aa duty)

Then why not add it, I see no reason too. Especially with the current issue with cas

Gameplay wise there will be no difference between the Lvkvs tracking and the Strf aside from the gun elevation

The argument for mbts falls apart when you realise they also use infra red sensors so they would already get what the Lvkv has now anyway

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Actually Soviet tanks as early as the T-64 had automatic lead and they don’t have thermals. Not sure when NATO tanks got automatic lead though.

Infra red and thermals are different
As the T64 has a infra red lamp
But I highly doubt the T64A/B had automatic leading
BV maybe as that’s when tanks like the Strv 103 got an upgraded laser range finder to lead

Yep should a specified it was the B that got automatic lead. Also both thermals and nvd (depends on nvd type, some don’t use infra red) use infra red so that’s why I am confused.

Russian tanks didn’t get thermals until 1994 which would make any Russian tank with thermals 90s and above
But in terms of tracking I’ve never heard of anything like this for Russian tanks
Maybe T14 and the heavily contested BMP-2Ms tracking

Still shouldn’t stop the Strfs from getting optical tracking just for aircraft

“Automatic lead” is not tracking. Automatic lead is when the gunner keeps the sight on target and it automatically gives lead to the target.

Because the strfs don’t use IRST so this should be a suggestion that tanks with it get it

The gunner doesn’t need to keep turning the turret, he can let go of the controls and yes the gun would aim Itself but that’s been ignored in game before

Im not 100% about that but they can at least track targets through one way or another

That is tracking.

Im talking about in reference to the T-64B having automatic lead.

Sosna u gave Russian tanks the ability to automatically track tanks. So 72b3, 80bvm, 2s25m, and 90m should get automatic tracking as well.

I think nato tanks have the automatic tracking as well but idk which models have it.