Strela-10M2J / M-90 Sava

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Strela-10M2J / M-90 Sava


History and Description

In 1985, the Yugoslav company “Rade Končar”, and the Federal Secretariat for National Defense (SSNO) signed a contract for the production of the future anti-aircraft missile system under a Soviet license. In 1986, SFR Yugoslavia bought from the USSR one division (3 batteries with 6 launch vehicles each) of the 9K35M Strela-10M SPAA. After the tests, the Military Technical Institute (VTI) launched a project codenamed A-85 which foresaw the development and production of Strela-10M2J (licensed 9K35M), to replace the older Soviet 9K31 Strela-1 system in service. It was one of the most expensive projects in Yugoslavia during the second half of the 1980s, involving companies from all over the country. Apart from the already mentioned “Rade Končar” the main ones were: “Teleoptik” from Belgrade, “FKS” from Svetozarevo, “Zrak” from Sarajevo, “Rudi Čajavec” from Banja Luka, “Autoelektrika” from Gorica, “Famos” from Sarajevo, “TAM” from Maribor and " RIZ" from Zagreb.

During development, certain improvements were made compared to the original. The biggest difference was that the launch system was installed on a BVP M-80A hull. For installation purposes, the armored body was extended and modified at the front. The slightly larger internal space allowed for a larger combat kit of 10 missiles, compared to 8 in the original Soviet system. Also, a new, more efficient warhead with a large amount of steel shrapnel that spread radially around the missile’s axis was being developed. Midway through 1990, three prototypes were completed and test firing was carried out on the Prevlaka peninsula. Strela-10M2J was able to successfully operate against enemy aircraft flying at speeds of 420 m/s in the approach, and 310 m/s in the departure, at heights from an extremely low 25 m (above the ground) to 3,500 m, and distances from 500 to 5,000 m. After that, one complete combat vehicle was sent for further testing to the Nikinci test site in SR Serbia, another for an amphibious test at the Manjača test site in SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the third remained in SR Croatia. When the Yugoslav War broke out in 1991, serial production and further development were hindered. Aside from the already mentioned designation, there is also the M-90 Sava designation, which I assume was meant for the production model (like the two designations for the Yugoslav-produced T-72M: prototype T-72MJ and production M-84).


  • Essentials
    • Length; > 6.42 m
    • Width; 2.90 m
    • Height; > 2.20 m
    • Mass; > 14.480 t
    • Driver NVD
    • Crew; 3
  • Protection
    • Armor;
      • Front: protects from 20 mm autocannons
      • Sides and rear; protect from 7.62 mm guns
    • APS; N/A
    • ERA; N/A
    • Smoke; ESS
  • Mobility
    • Engine; OM- 403, 135 kW, 320 hp
    • Power/weight; < 22.1 hp/t
    • Top speed; 65 kph
    • Amphibious; Yes
    • Amphibious speed; 7.8 kph
  • Firepower
    • Main;
      • AAM 9M37M
        • Stabilizer; No
        • Elevation; -5° / +80°
        • Traverse; 360°
        • Turret Rotation speed; 100°/s
        • Zoom; unknown
        • Fire rate: 60 shots/min
        • 9M37M missile:
          • Velocity: 1000 m/s
          • Belt capacity; 4 rounds
          • Ammo in storage; 10 rounds
          • Range; 5000 m
          • Effective firing range (horizontal): 2000 m




One of three Strela-10M2J prototypes during a technical inspection in Velika Gorica in 1990

Strela-10M2J in the Army of Republika Srpska during the Yugoslav war

Strela-10M2J in the Croatian Army in the 2010s

Strela-10M2J in the Serbian Army in 2017

The new warhead that was being developed by Yugoslavia


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