I think that Strela should go back to 10.0

No idea why it got moved to 10.3 in the first place, it struggles to lock on targets with low-heat engine especially Helis, it has a poor lock range compared to other AAs of the same BR in other nations.
Has no thermal/NVG.
Has no radar.
Has no armament that protects you from enemy light vehicles.

Why is it 10.3? No idea. Why should be moved back to 10.0? To fix the line up and stop players who are trying to enjoy the 10.0 lineup in USSR from facing 11.3 vehicles and to lower the chances of playing against 11.0 vehicles.


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It just needs an IRST like the Ozelot

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Strela and type. And to be honest, type could go back to 10.7 instead 11.0
Or move every orbit strike cas starting from 10.7. That would fix plenty of problems also.


You’re acting as if you get upteired into 11.0 every game, that’s just not true. there’s so many players in that BR range that its so rare to get a downtier or uptier. It also being 10.3 is keeping it from getting downtiered to 9.0 battles cause a lot of aircraft in 9.0 don’t even have RWR or countermeasures which makes it just a killing spree.


To be fair at 10.3 you do get a lot of upteirs

I cant say that I do. For me to get the same type of uptiers you are talking about I would have to put a 10.7 in my line-up but if had a solid 10.0 - 10.3 line-up I would get a uptier maybe once every 8 - 10 games.

I’m really facing Fuji in 8 of 10 matches.

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I feel your pain

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Because its missiles pull extremely well and it can fire at targets ~6KM away using optical lock

It’s a full 1.0 BR lower from an SPAA with the same exact features just 10G more pull on its missile at 11.3, you want it to be 1.3 BR lower from its counterpart?


I remember when I once said that Typ should go up to 11.0 and it actually did haha

It’s 10.3 because the photo contrast mode is unrealistically capable and un-counterable. Pair a unflareable missile with a wonderful G-load limit (much higher in game than on stat card) and you have a extremely capable spaa, which imo might even need to be 10.7 with what it’s capable of.


Its only goos short range plus most targets dont even flair/chaff anyway. Most dont even try to counter

Short range compared to a SACLOS SPAA sure

It’s the only SAM capable of firing effectively at targets ~6KM away besides the Type 81 which is again a full 1.0 BR higher than it currently is.

it’s balanced

Its range is far from short for a IR missile spaa. The only counter to this sam system is guided weaponry with high range. This Strela’s missiles are just extremely potent, and I don’t think you realize just how potent they are.

Tanks don’t have countermeasures too, flybois can come in and boom you and there is nothing better you can do to prevent death. When Strela is present you can spawn a ground vehicle to kill it, there is a counter so use it bro.

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Half of the original points could have been entirely dismissed with the simple words of “optical tracking”… I don’t know if Maverick really thought this through

Doesn’t help that the Stinger / MIM-72G is missing its contrast mode, simply because its not Photocontrast in strictest sense since it doesn’t use the visual spectrum.

As described, the target tracking seeker of the present invention includes both IR and UV seeker elements. Accordingly, where a target may not be irradiating sufficient infrared energy to be engaged by the missile operating in its normal IR mode, the target may be tracked by the UV mode. The missile electronics can select the mode offering the best tracking information and are capable of switching from one mode to the other. As a result, cold targets or head-on targets can be successfully tracked. Also, countermeasures against one mode will not normally affect the operation of the other mode. In addition, discrimination against multiple targets and decoys with improved range and with a higher degree of background rejection achieved.
Targets which are clearly visible are detectable by a seeker operating in a visible UV mode regardless of IR target energy. The detected signal may be negative (a nonradiating target seen against a bright background) or positive (a radiating or reflecting target seen against a dark background).
Preferably, the seeker will initially operate in the visual contrast mode until an adequate IR signal is available to home the missile. If a sufficiently IR radiating target is present, the seeker may select and receive in the IR mode.

excerpt from;


Its more of a fact that a Sterla could solo 4 - 5 planes alone without having issues in 9.0 cause the planes can’t do anything about it. I have seen people even take it into 10.0 battles cause how hard the missiles pull. You’re just asking to get free kills at this point without trying to balance SPAA and CAS.

Sir, if you’re dying to Strela in CAS…
Let’s just say I’ve died exactly once to Strela and that was when it was 9.3.
Haven’t noticed and/or died to Strela since it’s been 10.0 let alone 10.3. It’s useless.

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