Strela-10M2 unable to lock on recon drones of light tanks

How is it possible a recon drone of a light tank to not be targeted by a strela ?

on big open maps you cannot even kill the drone so the light tank has a open playing field without any problems

Alot of Radars cant lock onto drones not just the strella


Considering lock range of drones for stingers is like 1-1.5km and stingers can have nearly double the lock range over the strela, yeah…

Are you sure they can’t?
While i don’t have the strela, i mainly play with 2 friends and one of them use the strela
Seen them shoot down multiple recon drones and so far with a 100% accuracy

I find it rather strange that the missile can lock-on to something so small and somehow not miss, obviously the size of drone aside, it doesn’t look like something that would generate enough heat to actually be locked onto

Sometime it locks and then you fire and first missile pass the drone and second one hits :(

Epic design of game mechanics

It’s actually plausible, they’re not designed to hit drones.