Strange question but is the Torpedo Boat Luchs know as the Iltis internally for the devs?

As the title states and is in reference to the Type 1924 Raubtier (Carnivore) class Torpedo Boat (annoying misclassified as a destroyer in game yet naval classifications are just a mess in game).

In game we’ve the Leopard as the reverse nowadays then Jaguar as an old event ship and lastly Luchs (Lynx) as a starter premium.

In the recent dev blog & this one poxy 2.01 dev blog [Development] Fleet research changes and the first battleships! (8 - Page) ) - News - War Thunder the Luchs is referred to Iltis (Polecat). (heh brought up similar back then heh).

So this begs the question are Iltis & Luchs one in the same? Why not rename Luchs if they keep referring it as Iltis or will Iltis come as another event or TT ship?

Seems like it, all it 's textures name it as being Luchs

but it 's vehicle reference file calls it Iltis ( War-Thunder-Datamine/aces.vromfs.bin_u/gamedata/units/ships/germ_destroyer_class1924_iltis.blkx at master · gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine · GitHub )

It 's not the only destroyer to have a mismatch between it 's internal name and the ship it 's represented as, IJN Ayanami comes to mind as a similar situation - she 's named Fubuki in the files( or on a more minor note, USS Arizona is indicated to be in an earlier refit by her filename than the form she 's represented ingame as being ).