Strange game crash

I start a game - i play for a while - and all of a sudden my warthunder-screen disappears and the game is not running on my PC. This happens mostly when doing planes and is a bit annnoying as you can understand.
Anyone have any idea about what the reason could be? I searched forum for similar posts, but couldnt find any.

Depending on what you’ve tried, you need to do the basics first…

Verify files, check your graphics settings, check your drivers haven’t updated in the meantime of it working to it not.

It also depends on when it crashes, often if it’s a loading error crash, there’s a folder to clear out in the game folder (Cache folder in the game folder) that can fix some crashes.

Also depends on ‘how’ it crashes too, sounds like it is just a client crash compared to a system lockup, which will be good.

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The crash appears during battle. It can be a few minuntes after i log in, and it can happen after hours playing. When i start the game again im offered to log in as if nothing has happened…
It seems like a good idea to upgrade some drivers. I’ll try that - and update later.

Be sure to clear that cache folder.

It holds all the downloaded user skins, and because it doesn’t hold much anyway, it’ll keep downloading them anyway so it never holds many.

If someone spawns with those that are corrupt, or you get a map that is in the cache that is corrupt, or anything like that sort of thing, it’ll then crash.

Good to see you’re enthused ;)